Mnangagwa’s FAZ Presence At ZEC Voters Roll Inspection Centres Worrisome
28 May 2023
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FAZ officials’ presence at ZEC Voter inspection venues brings fear in Citizens

……..As Zanu PF president Mnangangwa is expected to announce election date tomorrow.

28th May 2023

Wezhira Munya

Yesterday, ZEC started Voter inspection program across the country.

Voter inspection takes place from 27th May to 30th May 2023.

At some ZEC centres in Masvingo, there were no voters rolls among others.

In addition, the few centres that had voters roll, few people came to inspect their names among other details.

There is need for CCC and other political parties to mobilize people to go and inspect their names.

The presence of Forever Associates in Zimbabwe (FAZ) members recording voters details outside inspection centres, have put fear among voters.

In Bikita, Gutu among other rural areas, FAZ’s actions have caused people to panic.

In Chivi, FAZ members has caused the arrest of CCC nominated councillor, Mr Zireva.

Has FAZ started to rig elections?

FAZ is an organization that was responsible for conducting Zanu PF primary elections.

Therefore, many people view FAZ as Zanu PF proxy.

Citizens must defy FAZ, by not giving them their details.

Tomorrow, Zanu PF president Mnangangwa will announce the much awaited harmonized elections date.