Robert Chapman’s A Threat To Democracy, Own Official Announces Resignation | FULL TEXT
28 May 2023
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Elvis Dzvene, the Chairman of the US based Robert Chapman’s party, Democratic Union Of Zimbabwe, on Sunday announced she is stepping down claiming that the man is a threat to democracy. Full letter below: 

Robert Chapman

To: President Robert Howard Chapman.
Cc: Organizing Secretary- Mochock Mushongayi:
Information Director- Itayi Muchemwa.
Sub: Resignation from Political Party.

I, Elvis Dzvene, joined the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe last year on Saturday, June 11, 2022, in hopes of creating a third force political power that will serve the needs of the people of the Republic of Zimbabwe.

I envisioned a country where all people are treated equally regardless of color, religion, income, age, or region. I hoped that all people would be given a chance to hold their political leaders accountable for what they do and say. Unfortunately, this was not the case, and I can no longer stand by and watch helplessly.

Since June 2022, I have seen what the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe has done for the people of Zimbabwe. The party leadership failed to be held accountable by its provincial executives and its ordinary members.

• No single day has the party involve the provincial youth leaders in decision making, only sent them for ground mobilization. • Since inception no meetings held between provincial leaders and national executive (brief case politics). • Victimization of provincial coordinators by the top echelons hence decision made are biased.

• No proper national executive’s structure as everything is kept secret by the president including, all other position holders are unknown (which are people behind the scenes). • Party top echelons are more curious to join and lead POLAD than winning an election and lead Zimbabweans.

• Too much lies, unnecessary over promising (propaganda) • Lack of election preparedness.
• No Party office or a single party vehicle even at national level.

The party seems to be a threat to democracy given that the top echelon of the party can impose decisions unopposed (the party is doing what it exactly criticize the CCC for). The party has failed to honor a single promise among the endless promises it made, including failing to honor a pledge of December 2022, to people living with albinism that the party will provide them with lotions in a week’s time. Since December, nothing has been received yet these people are involved in ground mobilizations. The party has successfully failed to convince Zimbabweans that it is really into politics of change. The party seems to be good at overpromising the electorate yet delivering nothing, if not worse (is it not what the party accuse Zanu-pf for?). Instead of building a strong institution, the party is making strong individuals like other failed opposition parties in this land. DUZ, we started well with vibrancy, but we’ve quickly lost direction because the party now do exactly what it used to oppose. Surely Zimbabwe needs a serious third force that is not after fundraising for personal pocketing and serves the poor, intimidated, and victimized Zimbabweans.

I made a promise to serve my country, and I have regretfully broken that promise.
Therefore, for the reasons stated above, I am hereby resigning from the Democratic Union of Zimbabwe, effective Saturday, May 27, 2023.1 wish everyone I worked with, from grassroots to national, the best in the future and hope that they can help change this country for the better. Great wishes for the 2023 elections!
Yours faithfully;