Top Prophet Tells Pardoned Paedepholes To Vote for Mnangagwa
28 May 2023
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By Dorrothy Moyo | A prophet who says people who vote for ZANU PF will be added 15 years on earth, Madzibaba Andby Makururu, has shot a video saying the paedophiles who were released from prison a few days ago, must vote for that party’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

In his Facebook live video, Madzibaba Andby said, ” our president executed what is called amnesty; amnesty means the rescuing of people by the country’s leader, like our President did…

“My message to the people is let us go and vote ZANU PF, that’s the straight way,” as he connected to the interview of another pardoned rapist who announces on video saying, “Mnangagwa is honey!”

Makururu is popular for prophesying that the former Zambian President Edgar Lungu would win that country’s 2021 elections, a prediction which upon being interviewed by ZimEye over it, he would comment saying he uttered it because the Holy Spirit only instructs him to support ruling parties.

The development comes as a local paper, Newsday narrates how, when a 59-year-old villager forced himself on an 11-year-old girl, his name was Emelka (not her real name). The villager repeatedly attacked the young girl, threatening to use witchcraft to murder her if she dared tell anybody about it.

The problem wasn’t discovered until the girl became ill and a watchful nurse noted that she had acquired a sexually transmitted virus.

The individual was detained and given a 12-year prison term. He was, however, one among those who was freed last week as a result of a presidential amnesty.

“I am appalled and devastated by President (Emmerson) Mnangagwa’s decision to grant amnesty to rapists. My daughter, who was brutally assaulted, fought tirelessly for justice and now it feels like her struggle was in vain,” Elmelka’s mother told NewsDay Weekender.

“This amnesty sends a message that the pain and trauma endured by victims is insignificant. It is a betrayal of our trust in the justice system and a blow to all the survivors who summoned the courage to come forward. I fear for the safety of women in our society, as this decision only encourages more violence and leaves us without recourse.”

Rapists who are over 65 and have completed two-thirds of their prison sentences were released last week under the terms of the presidential pardon.

A heated discussion about women’s protection and the effectiveness of the legal system has been sparked by the amnesty for convicted rapists.

Victims of rape expressed their dismay at seeing convicted rapists ‘boasting’ about their crimes on TV after being let out of prison.

Legal professionals and activists contend that freeing those responsible for such crimes undermines efforts to stop gender-based violence and protect victims.

“The decision to grant amnesty to rapists by Mnangagwa raises serious concerns about the government’s commitment to addressing gender-based violence. While prison overcrowding is undoubtedly a pressing issue, it should never come at the expense of survivors’ rights and safety,” Taodzera said.

“This decision undermines the efforts of activists, organisations, and individuals who have tirelessly worked towards creating a society free from violence and discrimination. It sends a message that the state is prioritising the convenience of the justice system over the well-being of survivors and the deterrence of future crimes.

“It is crucial for the government to consider alternative measures that do not compromise the principles of justice, such as implementing comprehensive rehabilitation programs and improving the efficiency of the judicial process. Failure to do so not only erodes public trust but also perpetuates a culture of impunity that further endangers the lives of women and girls.”

Legal expert Admire Huniuswa questioned the constitutionality of the amnesty, which he said could be in violation of international human rights norms and domestic laws that guarantee protection against gender-based violence. The move, he said, disregards the rights of victims and fails to address the root causes of sexual violence in society.

“The amnesty to rapists raises significant legal concerns and questions the adherence to international human rights standards. While the issue of prison overcrowding is a legitimate concern, it is crucial to prioritise the rights and safety of survivors and ensure that justice is served. Granting amnesty to rapists undermines the principle of accountability and sends a detrimental message to both survivors and potential offenders,” Huniuswa said.

“It is essential to explore alternative solutions, such as improving the efficiency of the justice system, implementing restorative justice programmes, and providing comprehensive support to survivors. Moreover, this decision may be in violation of domestic laws and international human rights instruments that guarantee protection against gender-based violence. It is imperative for legal experts and human rights organisations to challenge the constitutionality of this amnesty and advocate for a justice system that upholds the rights and safety of all individuals, particularly survivors of sexual violence.”

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) in a statement on Wednesday said it was “grossly irrational to release dangerous, unrehabilitated offenders back into society” before informing or preparing rape victims.

“Unleashing an unrehabilitated rapist who has not served his sentence back into his community unchecked, and with no safeguards to protect victims endangers women and girls and can never be reasonably justifiable in a democratic society,” CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere said in a statement.- Newsday