ZEC Unwilling To Avail Electronic Voters Roll
29 May 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri

The Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has challenged the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission ( ZEC) to make the voters roll accessible without restrictions.

ZEC has refused to avail the electronic version of the voters roll.

According to CCC, the voters roll must be accessible prior to proclamation.

Below are highlights from the CCC media briefing on Friday:

CCC PRESSER: during our meeting with the media, our election taskforce team highlighted four important issues that require immediate attention as the country approaches the election. Our call to action includes:

1️⃣Releasing and making the National Voters Roll accessible prior to proclamation
2️⃣Encouraging unregistered citizens to take advantage of the opportunity to register before the closure of the Voters Roll for the 2023 Elections
3️⃣Advising registered citizens to participate fully in Voters Roll Inspection
4️⃣Reiterating our demand for the implementation of electoral reforms and administrative reforms by ZEC.