Chamisa Ignores Kasukuwere
7 June 2023
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By Baba Jukwa | The political landscape in Zimbabwe is heating up as the 2023 elections approach. Recent developments have revealed the emergence of a new political contender, Saviour Kasukuwere, formerly a member of the late Robert Mugabe’s G40 elite. Interestingly, Nelson Chamisa, the leader of the Citizens Coalition for Change, has remained silent on this revelation, prompting speculation about his strategy and the potential implications for the upcoming elections. In this article, we will analyze whether Chamisa’s silence is a smart move or a strategic mistake, and examine how this may impact his chances and those of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Chamisa’s Confidence and the Yellow Machine Campaign:
In the face of Kasukuwere’s entry into the political arena, Chamisa has publicly expressed confidence in his campaign, referring to his party as the “yellow machine.” This show of assurance demonstrates Chamisa’s belief in the strength and unity of his party, projecting an image of stability and determination. By focusing on his own campaign and avoiding direct mention of Kasukuwere, Chamisa may be attempting to downplay the potential threat posed by the new contender.

Wrote Chamisa on Wednesday morning: “NOT DIGGERS AND DEALERS…The Citizens representatives have been chosen by communities across Zimbabwe. It’s so exciting that we have credible representatives for Parliament and Council.

Whoever is after self gain or self care will not serve in the new!
Whoever uses money and trinkets to buy citizens or bribe voters can’t serve

Whoever is tainted, compromised or plays for the other team can’t serve!
Zimbabwe needs change and deserves truly new leaders!
Blessings to you

Silence as a Strategic Tool:
The adage “silence is golden” has often been employed in politics, suggesting that sometimes saying nothing can be more effective than engaging in public discourse. Chamisa’s decision to ignore Kasukuwere’s announcement could be seen as a calculated move aimed at minimizing the attention given to his rival. By refusing to acknowledge Kasukuwere directly, Chamisa denies him the platform and recognition that a response would provide, thus potentially limiting his impact on the electoral landscape.

The Power of Indifference:
Chamisa’s confident stance, coupled with his silence on Kasukuwere, can be interpreted as a display of indifference towards the new contender. This strategy seeks to convey the message that Kasukuwere poses no significant threat to Chamisa’s campaign. By projecting an image of unwavering determination and dismissing any potential treachery within his party, Chamisa attempts to maintain cohesion and rally his supporters, showing strength in the face of competition.

Implications for Chamisa’s Chances:
Chamisa’s decision to ignore Kasukuwere’s entry into the political arena carries both risks and benefits. On one hand, his silence could be perceived as a lack of concern or a sign of complacency. This could potentially erode confidence among voters who may view his dismissal of Kasukuwere as an underestimation of the challenges ahead. On the other hand, by not engaging in public exchanges, Chamisa avoids lending credibility to his rival’s campaign and prevents the diversion of his own party’s resources towards countering Kasukuwere’s presence.

The Impact on Mnangagwa:
While Kasukuwere’s entry may have some impact on Chamisa’s chances, it is also crucial to consider the potential consequences for President Emmerson Mnangagwa. With Kasukuwere being a former member of Mugabe’s G40 elite, his involvement in the political landscape could attract support from those dissatisfied with Mnangagwa’s rule. Kasukuwere’s presence may split the vote for those disillusioned with the current administration, which could potentially benefit Chamisa’s bid for the presidency.

Nelson Chamisa’s decision to remain silent on Saviour Kasukuwere’s entrance into the political arena carries strategic implications. While some may view Chamisa’s silence as a sign of complacency or underestimation, others see it as a calculated move to deny his rival attention and legitimacy. The true impact of Kasukuwere’s campaign and Chamisa’s response will only be revealed in the upcoming elections. Until then, all eyes remain on Zimbabwe’s political landscape as the