Mwonzora Vows To Spring Up Candidates for 2023 Elections
8 June 2023
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This Thursday is the deadline for prospective candidates to submit their applications, and the MDC, led by Douglas Mwonzora, will have one-day primaries across the nation in regions where there are two candidates running for each seat.

Mwonzora claims that the 50 party-affiliated members of parliament who are already serving were unopposed, leaving the party to choose candidates for the 160 remaining constituencies.

These are the districts where primary elections would take place, however only the party structures inside those districts would be allowed to vote.

Wrote Mwonzora yesterday following statements by critics:”Some people and organizations pretend to know even when it is obvious they know nothing.

“They resort to outright lies. @mdc263 has resolved on fighting the elections. And it will field a Presidential candidate! Lies have short legs.”