Budding author exposes Tagwirei’s state  and church capture
9 June 2023
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By Rosemary  Mafara| An ex-communicated Seventh Day Adventist church pastor has written a book which seemingly attacks businessman Kuda Tagwirei’s growing influence in the politics of this country and the SDA church.

According to impeccable sources, the book ‘The Poor Men’s Cartel’ by Munyaradzi ‘Angero’ Savanhu is just a tip of the iceberg on the  divisions that have rocked the SDA church owing to  ‘KT’ s (Kuda Tagwirei) control of the congregation.

“A lot is happening in the SDA church and Angero has been brave enough to expose how money  being pampered by Kuda Tagwirei has blinded some pastors and elders in the church leaving a lot of undesirables things happening in the church,” said a source close to the development.

Another source claimed that a number of critical media outlets were paid to black out the book which was launched last month.

” The book is explosive and you would have expected to have  wide media reviews but we understand money exchanged hands to keep it under the lid,” claimed the source.

In the book, a character Mambokadzi whom one can easily assume as Kuda Tagwirei, became so powerful in ‘Zimbeland’ that no one would dare him.

” National assets were relinquished into the hands of the Mbinga, Mambokadzi the man. The nation was indebted to him, he used to lend it money and would be reimbursed by being given national assets and parastatals.

” In less than five years he was owning the soil that the masses walked on, and probably, every head present in the land. No one could speak his name freely in the marketplace, without fear of being chocked by his dogs,” writes Angero.

Detailing how Mambokadzi has a firm grip in the church, Savanhu says.

” Mambokadzi, was undoubtedly the most powerful captor of the day. He was a lion, garbed in sheep raiment. His money found its way into religious organisations as donations but with conditions.

” As the clergymen ate cakes in a poverty-stricken nation, they sang songs of  honour and praise. The holy pulpit was for Mambokadzi and his  symphathisers,”he adds.

According to a source, Tagwirei and advocate Thabani Mpofu do not see each other eye to eye and this is confirmed in the book.

” Farai Mhofu mocked the clergymen who acted like zombies while shielding their godfather Mambokadzi, “reads part of the book.

Interestingly, the book was dedicated to Thabani Mpofu.

” Dedicated to Advocate Thabani Sibangani Mpofu, for his exemplary bravery and courage in the fight for justice and equality, “.

The fiery author reveals the influence Tagwirei has in the SDA church which he chose to name Remnant.

” Outsiders to the spiritual gravy train of the Remnant Church would question the Mambokadzi  School of Thought, but their local Shepherds would dismiss this sentiments with a simple biblical reference :Then he said to the men, the one who is sinless should throw the first stone.

“Hear no evil and speak no evil,” the church was taught, by leaders who were Mambokadzi’s pawns, and benefitted from selling their goats and sheep in the temple, “.

Former Zanu PF activist Acie Lumumba a few years ago spoke of one Queen Bee whom he accused of being the architect of all the corrupt activities in the country but can’t be stopped because he is feared. It is not clear whether it is the same Queen Bee who is being referred to as Mambokadzi in the book.