Mnangagwa Dead Today Who Must Take Over? REACTIONS
10 June 2023
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Assessing Potential Successors to Emmerson Mnangagwa in Zimbabwe

The political landscape of Zimbabwe has been a subject of speculation and uncertainty, especially in light of the recent news regarding the health of President Emmerson Mnangagwa. As the nation awaits the 2023 elections, the question arises: who would take over if Mnangagwa were to pass away today while deputized by Constantino Chiwenga? This article aims to analyze what people of Zimbabwe hypothesize will be potential successors and their implications for Zimbabwe’s future.

  1. Constantino Chiwenga:
    As the Vice President of Zimbabwe and former Commander of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, Chiwenga is a likely contender for the presidency. His military background and extensive political experience make him a powerful figure within the ruling ZANU-PF party. If he were to assume power, Chiwenga might maintain the current political trajectory, emphasizing stability and continuity.
  2. Nelson Chamisa:
    As the leader of the opposition Citizens Coalition For Change party, Chamisa has garnered significant support across Zimbabwe. His charismatic personality and youthful energy resonate with the country’s younger population. In the event of Mnangagwa’s demise, Chamisa could leverage his political base to challenge for the presidency, potentially leading to a shift in Zimbabwe’s governance style and policies.
  3. Political Coalition:
    Zimbabwe’s political landscape is not limited to ZANU-PF and the CCC. There are several smaller parties and independent candidates who could forge alliances to create a formidable coalition. A united front of opposition parties might emerge, providing a viable alternative to the ruling party and offering a fresh start for the country.
  4. Military Intervention:
    Zimbabwe has a history of military intervention in its political affairs, as demonstrated by the 2017 military coup that led to Mnangagwa’s ascent to power. In the event of his passing, the military could play a decisive role in determining the country’s future leadership. This scenario would raise concerns about the potential erosion of democratic processes.
  5. Transitional Government:
    Given the delicate situation surrounding Mnangagwa’s potential demise close to the 2023 elections, a transitional government could be considered. This temporary arrangement, involving representatives from various political factions, would provide stability while allowing for a more inclusive and participatory electoral process.

The question of who would take over in Zimbabwe if Emmerson Mnangagwa were to pass away before the 2023 elections, while deputized by Constantino Chiwenga, is complex and uncertain. The political landscape could witness continuity, a shift towards the opposition, the formation of a coalition, military intervention, or even the establishment of a transitional government. Zimbabwe’s future rests on the ability of its political leaders and citizens to navigate this challenging period with prudence, transparency, and a commitment to democratic principles.