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11 June 2023
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Business Correspondent| Below are guidelines one can follow after registering a mine with the country’s relevant office…

Steps to operating a mine after registration in order

1 appoint a manager
This is a process where you appoint a manager at ministry of mines by filling a form that is supplied by ministry of mines
You need your ID plus ID of persons to be appointed plus certificate of registration of mine plus last inspection certificate.

2 appointment of blaster
Is hiring someone with knowledge experience and recognized training and relevant blasting license through the ministry of mines .

3 apply for explosives storage and purchase licenses after your magazine have been inspected and approved.
4 magazine room it’s a special room built for storing explosives.

5 mine register where all employees are registered with full details.

6 Environmental impact assessment depending on level of operation an EIA is necessary that is done through ministry of mines by a consultant

7 Returns will be covered separately
8 EMA report will be covered in detail with Returns
9 gold registration.

10 mining books and information will be covered separately.

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