President Chamisa Holds Crucial Talks With Church Leaders
11 June 2023
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

President Nelson Chamisa held a meeting with a delegation of eight eminent persons from the All-Africa Conference of Churches (AACC).

The AACC group came on an ecumenical solidarity visit ahead of the August elections in Zimbabwe.

Representing more than 200 million African Christians in 43 African countries, the delegation was led by Archbishop Martin Blaise Nyaboho (Burundi), Archbishop Maimbo Mndolwa (Tanzania), Dr. Gloria Somolekae (Botswana), Father James Oyet Latansio (South Sudan), Ruth Mhone (Malawi), Rev. Pataki Mautji (South Africa), Moderator Rt. Rev. Dr Bliss Divine Kofi Agbeko (Ghana), and Rev. Charles Berahino (AACC Secretariat, Nairobi) and the Zimbabwe council of churches.

President Chamisa welcomed the delegation and expressed his assessment of Zimbabwe’s position as they enter the shadows of an election.

The Presidency shared on our program of action and the role of the church.

Zimbabwe deserves a fresh start.