N’anga Beds Man’s Wife Hubby Waiting
16 June 2023
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A traditional healer allegedly had sex with his wife inside their kitchen hut while a guy who brought a sangoma for a healing session at his home was told to wait outside by the healer.
You read that correctly; a guy from Jarichari Village in Gokwe South, under Chief Njelele, was told to wait outside their cooking hut while the sangoma was having sex with his wife.

The shocking incident occurred on March 15 at around 10 a.m., when the woman, whose name is being withheld out of respect for her morals, and her ill husband sought the advice of the local sangoma, Zedias Zemba (46), of Shonhai Village, Chief Chireya in Gokwe North.

Zemba reportedly advised the couple to do the healing session in their home after consulting with them.

After agreeing, the woman brought Zemba to her house along with her ailing husband. He was accompanied by Anesu Emmanuel Moyo, his assistant.

Zemba arrived at their location and commanded the woman and her husband to go inside their kitchen hut.

While still inside, Zemba gave the woman’s husband instructions to visit a nearby road intersection and gather some soil, which he claimed he intended to use in the cleaning procedure.

In addition, Zemba told his aide to remain outside the kitchen hut while he remained inside with the woman to watch for the woman’s husband’s return.

Zemba allegedly pulled the woman down while they were in the cooking hut. She allegedly experienced sexual contact with him under duress.

The woman’s husband apparently arrived earlier than anticipated, and Zemba’s helper stopped him from going to the kitchen hut by telling him that Zemba would call him after he was finished with his wife. He reportedly obliged.

After performing the deed, Zemba unlocked the door and invited his coworker and the woman’s husband inside.

When the woman eventually told Zemba’s other assistant about her experience, the situation came to light.

After receiving advice to contact the police, Zemba was apprehended.

Since then, Zemba has made an appearance before Gokwe magistrate Honest Musiyiwa on a rape charge.

He wasn’t asked to enter a plea and was kept in detention until June 20. The State’s representative was Malvern Nzombe.

Police have also publicly warned women to be aware of rapist prophets and sangomas after receiving several allegations of women being reportedly assaulted during healing sessions.

After being caught trying to have sex with a married woman during a healing session at his shrine last week, a self-described prophet from Kwekwe fled completely nude.

According to reports, after being exposed by the woman’s husband, the prophet, who can only be identified as Chikandamina and is currently on the run from the Amaveni area, fled in his birthday suit.