Ngarivhume Persecution Continues
16 June 2023
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Transform Zimbabwe Press Statement

Transform Zimbabwe President Jacob Ngarivhume bail pending his appeal at the High Court has been quashed. The judge has dismissed the application and Jacob Ngarivhume will remain in custody pending his appeal hearing. He is appealing both conviction and sentence.

Jacob Ngarivhume defense counsel Prof L Madhuku and Mr M Nkomo are still reading the judgement and will advise on the next steps. They will be looking at the merits of appealing today’s judgement at the Supreme Court or to wait for the appeal hearing.
We view today’s judgement as a travesty of justice and as clear evidence that the state is using the judiciary to fight its opponents. We see this as the state’s ploy to deny Jacob Ngarivhume an opportunity to participate in the 23rd August harmonized elections.

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