Sithule Tshuma’s Multiple QokiFraudulent Money Scatters
16 June 2023
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Sithule Tshuma, Qoki’s Multiple Unregistered Names.

By Nancy Nhuku| In a shocking revelation, Sithule Tshuma’s over $25 million Qoki Zindlovukazi Investment PVT Ltd, actively operating in Zimbabwe, UK and worldwide, purported as a charity company and Women Empowerment, has been engaging in property and investments fraud by operating under various unregistered company names. The fraudulent scheme, which aimed to deceive unsuspecting Qoki investors, banks etc, has caused significant financial losses and raised concerns about the integrity of charitable organizations involved in financial activities.

Above, Qoki operating as Qoki Zindlovukazi Womens organisation from 2020

Investigations conducted so far, have uncovered a complex network of interconnected entities used by Qoki to carry out its illicit activities. Some of the names used are, Qoki Zindlovukazi Womens Group, Qoki Zindlovukazi Community Group/organisation, Qoki Women Dreamers, Qoki Zindlovukazi Manina Amahle LTD, Qoki Zindlovukazi CIC, Qoki Zindlovukazi Group LTD. Qoki’s true identity remains unknown/unclear as they employ a range of unregistered names in the UK, Zimbabwe, and other countries making it difficult for investors to track or hold them accountable. This also raises questions around Qoki’s Tax evasion.
Qoki operating as Qoki Zindlovukazi Private Limited

Operating under the guise of a philanthropic enterprise as detailed in their Qoki Hwange Filling Station project proposal dated 2021, Qoki enticed investors by highlighting their supposed charitable work, thus exploiting the trust placed in organizations supposedly dedicated to social causes. In this Qoki Hwange Filling station proposal, which has no names of Investors, Ms Tshuma and Ms Kumalo pledge 10% back to the community to unsuspecting investors. In the case examples of Qoki Synergy, Qoki Market, Qoki Trucks, Qoki Bank (South Africa), Qoki Hotel and Golf Course, Qoki Butcher and Bakery etc, Ms Tshuma and company convinced individuals to invest substantial sums of money, promising them high returns on investments. Whilst some of these have been advertised by Qoki as successful, their sustainability remains untested.

High returns were advertised for Synergy Investment
The proposal also identifies the Qoki Rangemore Project as a success story. There is speculation that this Rangemore property could be the subject of the land dispute case that Ms Tshuma lost to Mr and Mrs Moyo on the 13th June 2023 at a Bulawayo High Court hearing. The lawsuit involved a dispute between Qoki and the Moyos, that had been ongoing for several years. Qoki had accused Mr. and Mrs. Moyo of breaching a contractual agreement related to a property transaction case HC640/20. The judgment was made in favour of the Moyo’s.

Hwange Filling Station Investors Proposal.

As the investigation deepens, numerous Qoki investors/victims have come forward, sharing their stories of financial ruin. Many individuals, often driven by a desire to contribute to charitable causes while seeking sound investment opportunities within Matebeleland and the Midlands region, were left devastated upon discovering the deceitful nature of Qoki under the disguise of Women Empowerment organization.

In another Qoki project, Nondwene Lot 2A Title Deed number 773/21, known as the Estate of late Christopher Gutherless, the Farm land was Gazetted in 2006, under the land acquisition act as state land. Consequently the land was allocated to new occupants under the land reform programme. In a bid to evict these occupants, Ms Tshuma filed a case at the Bulawayo High Court (case number HC438/22) unbeknownst to the women in the project. It is a criminal offence to sell land acquired by the government under the land requisition act.
In a similar incident, Qoki investors for Lot 6 known as Nondweni 3, Qoki Directors failed to disclose mining rights too it is unfortunate and gross that some investors may not be aware of ongoing court cases or legal disputes that could adversely affect their investments. Mr Ncube and Ms Tshuma allegedly were in the process of applying to remove Nondwene 3 mining rights, without investors’ knowledge. This was disclosed when they were summoned by investors mid May 2023 following Zimeye’s exposure of misconduct of Mr Ncube Ms Tshuma is also reportedly overcharging investors in most of these land sales. More fraudulent Qoki activities will be unveiled as they come in.
Lack of disclosure and integrity by Qoki is an emerging theme. This is becoming more and more apparent as many duped investors open up to report their ordeal. There is also a growing concern that some Qoki Directors don’t make any financial contributions, yet they are allocated shares and plots of land in various projects. They are also mysteriously appointed in management/directorship positions even in shareholding projects such as in Qoki Market and Hwange Filling projects.
Law enforcement agencies and financial regulators have been alerted and they are working tirelessly to identify the perpetrators behind this elaborate fraud and bring them to justice.
These distressing calculative activities have also raised questions about the effectiveness of regulatory oversight and due diligence procedures within the financial and charitable sectors in the UK and in Zimbabwe. It is hoped such advocacy and whistleblowing can prompt Authorities to re-evaluate their protocols to enhance transparency and prevent similar fraudulent schemes from recurring or operating undetected.
Meanwhile, Ms Tshuma, Ms Karen Kumalo, other Qoki Directors and their Lawyer Mr Zibusiso Charles Ncube, surprisingly continue to be dismissive, on the other hand expressing their innocence at their questionable reputation caused by their own deception, fraudulent activities and lack of integrity. It is noted that 96% of Qoki’s trading and communication platforms remain restricted to only Admins posting and commenting, with more investors continuing to be expelled and bullied for speaking the truth.

As the investigation unfolds, affected individuals are encouraged to report their experiences to the relevant authorities to aid in the ongoing efforts to dismantle the fraudulent operation and seek justice and refunds for the victims.
This disheartening revelation serves as a reminder to Zimbabwean community, particularly diasporans, to exercise caution and due diligence when engaging in financial activities, particularly with organizations claiming to be affiliated with charitable causes such as Qoki, funeral associations and Churches. By remaining vigilant and verifying the authenticity of entities involved, individuals can play an active role in safeguarding their investments and protecting the integrity of the charitable sector.

Asked for a comment, Sithule Tshuma has avoided journalists for over 3 years to date and resorted to threatening defamation lawsuits whenever approached, a development that has seen the first UK based live portal for victim refunds being opened through some patchy legal action attempted last week.