Important Facts About Nomination Process
17 June 2023
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The Zimbabwe Nomination Courts will officially register candidates for the national general elections set for August 23, 2023, on June 21.

Here are some key facts about the nomination process:

Nomination is a process that requires prospective candidates to go through the nomination court to qualify or disqualify them from election.

All nominations for Presidential Candidates are received at a single designated venue in Harare.

Nominations of National Assembly Constituency members are received at designated provincial venues for all constituencies in the respective provinces.

Nominations of party-list candidates will be received at designated Provincial venues.

Nominations of candidates for election to local authority councils will be received at designated offices of the various local authorities countrywide.

Any person who meets the requisite qualifications can qualify for nomination.

Although candidate registration fees for some categories have been challenged in the courts as exorbitant, no new fee structure had been announced by June 14, 2023.

The required fees for Presidential Candidates are US$20,000; for National Assembly Constituency Candidates, US$1,000; and for Party List Candidates, USD$200 per party-list as stipulated by ZEC.

The Party list must adopt the Zebra format of having alternating female and male candidates with a female candidate always heading the list in order of preference.

Disqualifications from the party list include standing as a candidate in more than one province, standing on more than one party list, and standing as a candidate for the National Assembly or as a councillor.