CIO Operatives Threatening to Sleep With My Wife And Kill Me
19 June 2023
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I am a Zanu PF member, Mutero Village Cell, Chevecheve District under Gokwe DCC led by Hon.Tawanda Karikoga who is being harassed and tormented by men who are claiming to be CIOs.

The genesis of the story was when I announced that I wanted to contest as a councilor ward 25 in Gokwe under my party Zanu PF. The situation got worse when I demanded in a Gokwe whatsapp group that my MP Honorable Karikoga to disclose how he has been using the CDF funds from 2018 up to this day. As a person who was preparing to contest as a councilor I felt this information was essential to me as I will be marketing my Party, my president ED Mnangagwa and my MP as well during my campaigns. My MP Honorable Karikoga showed that he didn’t like the fact that I had asked for such information. He called me all sorts of names and he subsequently blocked me on WhatsApp.

Soon after that incident I received a message through my whatsapp from a guy named Machiha who claimed to be a CIO from Gokwe center. He said he wanted to see me in his office but he didn’t state why he wanted to see me and so I did go to him. After a month he also sent a message again saying I must visit him at Gokwe center. As a person who was expecting to be a councillor I thought this CIO man, maybe, he wanted to give me some tips on how to win an election so I went there.

I was shocked because by the moment I entered his office i was now like a prisoner. I was interrogated for almost 4 hours in his office. The main issue was , why did I asked for a breakdown of how Hon Karikoga used the CDF funds over the past 5 years. I was threatened and I was warned that I will get unspecified harm if I continue to de-campaign verbally or electronically Hon. Karikoga.

All these issues took place in 2022 .Then in 2023 in January I left Zimbabwe and I went into a neighboring country. Suddenly, a new person who was claiming to be a CIO calling himself Benjie but my investigations proved that his real name is Johannes C Kalinda, whatsapp number +263 78 618 1122 started to send me threatening messages again on my phone.This man said he has been assigned by Hon Karikoga, Hon Ncube from Kana, Chief Njelele and Headman Gumbero to kill me.

When I asked him why would all these people demand for my head he said it is because I demanded to inow how Karikoga had used the CDF funds. He went on to say I also criticized President ED Mnangagwa, Karikoga and Mudha and therefore he will make sure that he will kill me the day I will cross back into Zimbabwe.At one point he sent me some types of guns he has and I asked me to pick the one I would like him to use the day he will kill me.

He went on to say he will shoot me the way my father was shot and killed during the gukurahundi era zvikarova and likewise he will kill me and nobody will ever be arrested for that zvonongorova.

At one point he said before my death he wanted to visit my wife and sleep with her. He also said nothing will stop him from doing so because Emmanuel Jaji is sleeping with my wife and that he has evidence to those allegations.

These threats have been going on since January until today. At one point he said he is reliably informed that I am busy sourcing arms of war so that I come back and stage a coup against ED Mnangagwa’s government. He said for that reason he has been tasked to make sure that the day I return back to Zimbabwe he will kill me right at the border.

I felt i cant keep this to myself.I contacted Chief Njelele over this mans claims but Chief Njelele said he doesn’t know this man and that he is not part of this guys stupid threats to my life.I also contacted MP Karikoga who at first distanced himself from this man’s claims and threats to my life but later he shared a message on whatsapp groups saying I am mentally disturbed.I wonder why he chose to do so because I thought that he was supposed to contact Johannes C Kalinda and find out why he was using his name to threaten me( I had given him the contact details for Kalinda) .I also contacted Hon Mudha who chose not to respond to my whatsapp messages though he read my message.

I wonder why I must be a target of the Gokwe CIO office. I didn’t contest in the Zanu PF primaries and also considering that I am outside Zimbabwe for the past six months. I am not a threat to anyone.

I was born in Zimbabwe and my ancestors originated from Buhera Zimbabwe but now a man by the name Kalinda a surname which clearly tells me that this guy’s father or forefathers originally came to Zimbabwe during the Rhodesia and Nyasaland federation is trying to stop me from coming back to my own country Nyika yangu yechipikigwa , i dont think its fair.

I am calling upon the arms of the law , the ZRP , CIO, ARMY, and other security organizations to protect me from Johannes C Kalinda who is threatening to kill me or stop me from returning back to my country Zimbabwe.

I thank you

Etiwel Mutero