Has Kasukuwere Been Arrested At RGM Airport?
21 June 2023
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By Fred Huruva | The recent news of undisclosed Zimbabwe military officers storming into RGM Airport has raised concerns and drawn attention due to its resemblance to a previous clash between police and soldiers on 13 Nov 2017. This development coincides with the Zimbabwe Defence Forces’ (ZDF) claim that Passenger 34, landing at the airport, is former ZANU PF Commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, who’s allegedly arrived for the 2023 election’s nomination process. In this article, we will analyze these events and their potential implications, keeping in mind the upcoming general elections in Zimbabwe.


Zimbabwe is preparing for the 2023 general elections, where Emmerson Mnangagwa seeks re-election while facing formidable opposition from Nelson Chamisa, leader of the CCC party. Additionally, Saviour Kasukuwere, a former ZANU PF Commissar, is expected to seek nomination for the presidential poll in what those supporting Emmerson Mnangagwa claim is a coup in itself before the election is even held.

Analysis of the Events

1. Military officers’ entrance:
The entry of undisclosed military officers into RGM Airport is concerning, particularly considering the similarities with the clash that occurred in November 2017. The motives and objectives behind this incident remain unclear, and it raises questions about the role of the military in the country’s political affairs. It is crucial to closely monitor the situation and seek further information to better understand the implications.

2. Zimbabwe Defence Forces’ claim:
The ZDF’s claim that Passenger 34 is Saviour Kasukuwere should be evaluated critically. While the ZDF is a significant institution, it is essential to scrutinize the claim based on verifiable evidence and independent sources. Without concrete evidence, the claim remains speculative, and further confirmation is required to establish the true identity of Passenger 34, who if it is Kasukwure, must not be stopped from contesting.

When ZimEye checked at the RGM Airport, Kasukuwere’s exact whereabouts could not be established. Whether in country or outside however, nothing should stop the man from registering because he is an ordinary resident of Zimbabwe qualifying to contest in the 2023 election.

3. Potential political implications:
The convergence of these events amid the nomination process for the upcoming elections raises concerns about potential political interference or attempts to influence the electoral outcome. The involvement of military officers and the ZDF’s claim could shape public perception and impact the electoral landscape. It is crucial for Zimbabwe’s democratic processes to remain transparent, inclusive, and free from undue influence.

4. Previous election results:
The mention of President Mnangagwa’s narrow victory in the 2018 presidential election, while relevant to Zimbabwe’s political context, is not directly connected to the current events or the veracity of the claim regarding Passenger 34’s identity. The evaluation of the claim should be based on the available evidence and the credibility of the sources rather than past election results.

The news of undisclosed military officers storming into RGM Airport alongside the Zimbabwe Defence Forces’ claim regarding Passenger 34 has raised concerns about potential political implications in the lead-up to Zimbabwe’s 2023 general elections. It is essential to closely monitor the situation, seek independent verification of claims, and prioritize transparency and accountability in the electoral process.

To ensure a fair and credible election, it is crucial for Zimbabwe to uphold democratic principles and respect the rule of law. The involvement of the military in political affairs and unsubstantiated claims can undermine public trust and create an atmosphere of uncertainty. As the nomination process progresses and more information becomes available, it is important to rely on reliable sources and independent verification to establish the facts and maintain the integrity of the electoral process.