Rare Treat For Children Of Incarcerated Parents On International Day Of African Child
21 June 2023
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By A Correspondent| Last week, Jedidiah Trust, a local non-governmental organization partnered with the Canadian Embassy in Zimbabwe to host children and caregivers of children of incarcerated parents to commemorate the Day of the African Child.

Speaking at the event, Getrude Mandizvidza, the Chairperson of Jedidiah Trust, emphasized the importance of creating moments of happiness for children of incarcerated parents saying they are often neglected and excluded within their communities.

“All what we’re doing is to make sure that these kids at least have a test of happiness, because most of the time and especially in our community they are side-lined because their parents are in prison.

“So most of the benefits that other children do have, they are always some of them to an the extent of being scolded because of whatever their parents did. So for now, with the help of Canadian Embassy, we decided to bring these children so that they can have fun, enjoy the games, even their guardians, so that they can all forget about the stress and look up and also taste happiness,” said Mandizvidza.

Jessica Dawson, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Canada in Harare, Zimbabwe said they partnered with Jedidiah Trust in order to celebrate these children and offering them a sense of love and belonging.

“We chose today, the day of the African child because we thought it was an excellent opportunity for us to celebrate these children, give them an opportunity to come together, get to know each other, feel free, feel comfortable.

“And let them know that the Canadian Embassy that the Government of Canada appreciates them and values them. The Government of Canada places a lot of emphasis on promoting and protecting the human rights of everyone, including children and the beneficiaries of Jedidiah Trust. The children of incarcerated parents are a very overlooked group,” said Dawson.

Lovemore Chikwanda, the founder of Jedidiah Trust, emphasized the organization’s commitment to mending shattered dreams saying the visit to the Canadian Embassy was an essential part of their efforts to amplify the voices of children with incarcerated parents.

“As an organization, we are so happy as we have managed to impact the lives of these children because our motive is all about empowering lives and building broken dreams. And that’s why we are here today at the Canadian Embassy, we say thank you for giving us this opportunity to amplify the voices of children with parents who are in prison,” said Chikwanda.