Zim Prophet Demands USD$10M To Predict Titanic Submarine Whereabouts
22 June 2023
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The well – known Zimbabwean spiritualist Isaac Makomichi of Masvingo is at it again, after he claimed he can use his “prediction charms” to locate the missing Titanic submarine.

The submarine went missing with 5 people , it is said they wanted to visit the Titanic ship wreckages which is located over 30 000 miles under the surface, those 5 people are said to be billionaires.

The “prophet” is also believed to use vulture’s head (African oldest prediction charm) when prophesying with a bear’s nose, which is said to make him give a prophecy that is 100% correct.

Makomichi said that he wants USD 10,000,000 and American citizenship for himself and his family. He said that if he was given this payment, he would show them the missing ship.He also said the American government must contact him on his number +263777469342

Last year he was banned by the government when he wanted to move a mountain in the capital city while the whole world was watching. It is said that he has moved many mountains, although some who were there say they suspect that it was a pure black magic because they did not really understand what happened, but they saw the mountain move and returned to where it was in less than 1 second

Makomichi is said to use all African black magic, African tree herbs and also holy spirit.

“This prophet is very controversial but he prophesies a lot even though it is believed that he uses secret powers ” one senior church leader commented.

Makomichi reportedly tells people the results of football and his greatest glory is on giving love portions, more than 1000 people came to his shrine this year alone and were given love portions which are said to make a person’s love life sweeter.

Another gospel analyst Dr Steven says the prophet might be using (his ancestors charms which makes him a clean sangoma,the one which is not evil but not a prophet) but the way he helps people make people believe that this person is used by the living God.Most people come from different countries it is said that they were healed from different diseases.

Many people from different countries are saying that this prophet should be given the opportunity to predict on this ship and then be given money if he predicts correctly as he does.