Can Mnangagwa Feed Entire Nation?
26 June 2023
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THE ZANU PF Election Manifesto has been launched by the President and First Secretary of the party Cde E.D Mnangagwa at Mutema Primary School in chipinge with a call for a peaceful polls.

“I call for peace ,unity and harmony.We must preserve peace as a people despite the different backgrounds we are drawn from. We must therefore individually and collectively wish for a better Zimbabwe, this will drive us to contribute towards the development of this country.The sanctions on Zimbabwe must not stop us from developing our country. Sanctions aim to drive Zimbabweans to overthrow their own and embrace western puppet leadership. I am proud you have remained patriotic and support your own,” said the President.

He also highlighted that Zimbabwe will remain in the hands of the ZANU PF party which is a people-oriented party dedicated to foster socio and economic development.

President Mnangagwa said other political parties in the country will never serve the interest of people, but will sell out the gains of the liberation struggle.

He reiterated that Zimbabweans will remain Zimbabweans, no matter what, adding that individually or collectively, Zimbabweans must work hard for development to take place.

The President also noted that Zimbabwe is endowed with abundant natural resources and will never be a poor nation.

On food security the President attributed Zimbabwe’s food security to the pfumvudza concept adopted by the Second Republic.

He said in order to increase food security the government is building dams in all the country’ provinces, adding that this will serve as water sources for horticultural gardens for rural women.

On power, the President said the government has since engaged its Chinese friends to add more power on the country’s national grid, hence loadshedding is now a thing of the past.- Source : State media