Here Are the Progressive Gains Of Voting For ED- Mavaza
27 June 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza- The clock is ticking the heart bits loudly with anxiety. Every second which passes puts us closer to 23 August. Elections come and go, but this election is the mother of
All elections. They come when our sovereignty is under attack. The freedom inscribed and forged in our hearts with blood and fire is threatened to be erased by the lies of traitors.
Zimbabweans, where ever we are, we need to guard our independence jealously with our own lives. Zimbabwe needs Continuity in government and in developing the country. We are on our way towards a middle-income economy by 2030. We do not need to change the winning team.
Zimbabweans must never advocate for change for the sake of change. Don’t bring change for the sake of change.
Change must not be disruptive. We will be within reach of the middle income by 2030.
The economic problems we face now are just passing. There is no miracle resuscitation of the economy as being said by CHAMISA that if he is given the country, he will change its fortunes in two days. This mantra is backward and akin to the prosperous gospel by fake prophets. The way CCC is being run shows clearly that CHAMISA has no strategy or at least he did not tell anyone about it if at all it is there. He has no plans and must never persuade you to change the government in exchange of no plans.
We can see that CCC has secretly romped in Tyson Kasukuwere. Tyson is merely being used to be disruptive and playing the role of a spoiler; remember, these are the JECHA boys in action.

Tyson is talking big. He spoke of corruption. He owns a house which has 40 bedrooms. He owns 40 houses. He talks of corruption, yet he can not account for his riches. It will be your alternative.
We must remember that ED has shown great statesmanship, and his developmental projects are there for all to see. The government is in touch and engaging with all players.

With the alternative being flighted in our faces, we have those who are backbiters who will surely do the same if you put them in power. Let’s look at the CCC. CHAMISA fires Biti, which shows manoeuvring between Chamisa and SaviourKasukuwere. CHAMISA had to drop Biti to accommodate Tyson. As we all heard in Tyson’s press statement, they are preparing for a coalition, a GNU. Biti will not be a player in parliament and government.
Biti has been stripped of his powers; we all know that you need a constituency to be strong in politics. If you have no constituency, you are an emperor without clothes. Why was Biti not protected? It is Chamisa’s character to dribble friends if he can dribble Tsvangirai Biti Mwonzora. What about you. This is a lesson and a warning to is that we must not rush to a change motivated by a cheat. A political cheat.
We need Continuity and improve the revenue There are projects which needs Continuity. ED has set the ball rolling and must be given a chance to finish what he has started.
What CHAMISA has brought in the coming elections is Tyson. Tyson is a spoiler. Who is out of touch? He runs for a mile, throws a punch and then asks why they are fighting. He is relying upon the same structures. He is saying they are corrupt. He is fishing from the fridge. He brings his fishing line from South Africa and only fishes from the refrigerator. This is a plan by CCC to divide ZANU PF but this has already failed.
The treachery by CHAMISA to those around him must tickle the alarm bells.
Do not forget that CHAMISA has promised to bring back the Whiteman so that our economy will develop. Do you know what he will do to you once his white man come? If you are not sure, ask Biti. Biti was sacrificed for a Whitman. If he can do that to Biti what about you?
We must bear in mind that Continuity of government (COG) is a coordinated effort within each of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches and the people to ensure that essential functions continue to be performed before, during, and after an election.
We must realize that there are Progressive Gains of Continuity in Governance in any state.
By giving ED the chance of Continuity we will have created a great opportunity to grow a very germane issue central to the growth and flourishing democracy in our country Zimbabwe. Continuity will make us venture into problems that can promote and enhance the development of Zimbabwe by advocating for Continuity in governance and, by extension, good governance as led and shown by the administration of ED Mnangagwa. The world community has identified these issues as necessary in modern times, particularly in developing countries such as Zimbabwe. There are gains and benefits inherent in Continuity in government.
While we recognize the magnitude of this daunting and herculean task, we will do our best within the few months allocated to give ED the chance to finish his dream for Zimbabwe.
We must find a way to ensure stability and Continuity in governance in Zimbabwe, which we sincerely require at this moment in the life of Zimbabwe. 
There are significant gains and benefits in giving the government adequate time to remain in office to actualize its objectives, primarily where they have been known or seen to make positive impacts, like in the present dispensation in Zimbabwe. This is because governments worldwide exist to provide public goods, and where they are on track, like in the present dispensation in Zimbabwe, they require more time to actualize their development programmes and projects, transforming the entire landscape of Zimbabwe and impacting the lives of the citizenry. In only five years, MNANGAGWA has shown his passion for building Zimbabwe. He has told us that we all have a say in rebuilding our country. Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo. 
Continuity is the unbroken and consistent existence or operation of something over time. Also, Continuity can be seen as the fact of something continuing for an extended period of time without being changed or stopped. In other words, Continuity means the state of continuing over time without change or interruption.
Governance has been variously defined as “the management of society by the people” and “the exercise of authority or control to manage a country’s affairs and resources. We must remember that governance is the exercise of economic, political and administrative authority to manage a country’s affairs at all levels. It comprises of the mechanisms, processes and institutions through which citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise their legal rights, meet their obligations and mediate their differences. Governance means a more cooperative way of government, where state and non-state institutions, public and private actors, take part and often cooperate in public policy formulation and implementation; it leaves no one out. Nyika inovakwa nevene vayo.
In five years, MNANGAGWA has shown an efficient public service, a reliable judicial system, and an administration accountable to the public. He will continue to develop if he is given a second chance to develop.
According to the Bank’s definition, the key components of Good Governance include effectiveness and efficiency in public sector management, accountability and responsiveness of public officials to the citizenry, the rule of law and public access to information and transparency. This ED and his government did this without fail.
In summary, governance may be described as the processes, regulations or the results of interactions between the legislative and executive governments, the civil society, the judiciary, and the people.
It should be noted that good governance principles have been applied to different tiers of government, such as national, regional and local levels, yes, we had challenges with some few who abused their authority but the hand of the law is knocking on their doors. 
Continuity in governance must be a situation of permitting the system of control of social, political and economic operations of an entity such as a state to remain unchanged for a reasonable period of time to be able to accomplish their programmes as well as desire change and development. In other words, it is a situation where those exercising authority are not unduly changed. They are allowed to stay in office to impact lives within an acceptable period.
There is, therefore a great Need for Continuity in Government in Zimbabwe. It should be emphasized that stability and Continuity are indispensable ingredients of growth development in contemporary times. As Zimbabweans, we must never be known for vengeance, abandoning projects our predecessors initiated and starting new ones.
There are a number of projects initiated by Dr. ED Mnangagwa’s government which should be continued. These development projects that litter the landscape of our state include:
Harare Beitbridge motorway. Harare Bulawayo Motorway. Harare Mutare Motorway.
Roads connecting all our cities and rural districts.This does not make for accelerated development. Some of these projects are about to be completed thanks to the commitment of huge resources by ED’s government. If the government that initiated those projects is allowed to continue for some more years those projects would not suffer neglect, abandonment and waste. This by implication calls for Continuity in governance.
The need for Continuity in governance is what politicians and all Zimbabweans in should embrace, imbibe and permit to operate.This is not a call for seat-tight government but a case for reasonable time to be given governments to be able to carry out realistic development projects that are inadequate in the country. One of the most important reasons why we need Continuity in government is that it promotes and enhance development in all its ramifications such as social, economic, cultural and physical development. 
Besides the above, Continuity in governance promotes and enhances good governance. One of the commonest symptoms of underdeveloped and backward societies is poor governance. In the history of human organization and settlement development one of the factors that accounted for the growth of earlier cities was the existence of organized social groups that provide leadership for others.
In all modern states, governmental functions have greatly expanded with the emergence of government as an active force in guiding social and economic development.Government has thus become the major or even the dominant organizing power in all contemporary societies and therefore require sufficient times to work.
A basic understanding of the role of government will reveal that it requires adequate time for planning of growth and development as well as implementation before results are achieved. Besides, political manipulations, the issue of Continuity could be seen in terms of provision of basic facilities and services for which government exist to provide. It should be added that it takes time for some projects such as road construct, dams etc to be accomplished. This again justify Continuity in governance. Otherwise government will only focus on light projects that does not make for sustainable development
Improvement and efficiency in governance as well as government activities. It is a known fact that efficiency is the driver of success for any organization, community or state. For government at local, and national levels drives it constituent’s satisfaction, and increased productivity, cost savings and revenue to the state. Therefore, this make support for Continuity to be indispensable and need to be supported.
We must remember that government generally exist for three main purpose of 1. maintaining social order, 2. providing public services and 3. as well as security and defense. This shows that the benefits of Continuity in governance that include sufficient time for planning and execution of long-term projects, elimination of wastes and efficiency in conducting government business among others. Therefore, for the above benefits to be rationalized, there is need for actions to promote Continuity in governance.
We must think and look around us. We must see what ED has done and what more can be done if he is given another chance.
As patriots, we must mobilize the populace on the desirability and the need to encourage and support stability and Continuity in governance, especially where they are making substantial and visible impacts on societal growth and development, as demonstrated by the present administration in Zimbabwe.
Voting for ED on 23 August will be a way forward in 
creating and enabling an environment to encourage government officials that are performing to continue within the acceptable time allowed by existing law and practices, this is done within the fold of appropriate laws to crate stability and Continuity in government. Voting for ED now will increase the propensity of developing. As a true patriot a true Zimbabwean, let us increase our presence in the social media space to inform, educate and mobilize the entire citizenry on the desirability of Continuity of governance as well as the need to sustain the current tempo of development and governance structure in Zimbabwe. 
We must never underestimate the importance of creating stability and Continuity in governance in Zimbabwe. For this 23 August 2023 it is essential and should be pursued by all. This is because stability and Continuity in governance is necessary to build on the benefits already achieved. This should and must not be compromised. As demonstrated above Continuity is quite beneficial and should be supported by all. Stability and Continuity in governance is vital for Zimbabwe now if her citizens want to live in peace and prosperity. To ensure that Continuity is achieved, the citizens must play their roles also by supporting the efforts of the leaders and the party like ZANU PF because they meant good for the people of the state by insisting and promoting Continuity in governance in the state. It is clear that guaranteeing Continuity in governance is the duty and responsibility of all. Iwe neni tine basa. Everyone has to play his role earnestly and sincerely. All groups must be ready to give and take (compromise) for the peace and good governance of Zimbanwe otherwise, they will be living in chaos and instability that has the possibility of making life progress difficult, uneasy and even may engender retrogression. God forbids.

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