Premier League’s John McGinn Jets Into Zim
28 June 2023
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English Premier League football star and Aston Villa captain, John McGinn, has embarked on a holiday adventure in Zimbabwe. The Scottish international, who is also the captain of the Scotland national team, arrived at Victoria Falls International airport on Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by his wife, Sara Stokes.

McGinn’s visit to Zimbabwe was made possible through an invitation extended by his Aston Villa teammate and Zimbabwean international, Marvelous Nakamba. The purpose behind this invitation is to showcase Zimbabwe’s most renowned tourist attraction, the majestic Victoria Falls, and promote the country as a desirable destination for travelers.

The football star wasted no time in immersing himself in the natural wonders of Zimbabwe. He took to his Instagram page to share stunning photos and videos of himself and his wife embarking on a thrilling safari game drive. McGinn captioned one of his posts with, “Wasn’t on the bucket list but should’ve been. Unreal.” It is evident that the couple was captivated by the breathtaking sights and experiences they encountered during their adventure.

The game drive provided them with remarkable wildlife sightings, including herds of elephants, zebras, a giraffe, lions, a white rhino, a hyena, and even the rare sight of a leopard. The encounter with such diverse and awe-inspiring animals undoubtedly left a lasting impression on McGinn and his wife.

The presence of high-profile individuals like John McGinn in Zimbabwe helps promote the country’s tourism industry on an international scale. The visit serves as an opportunity to showcase the natural beauty, wildlife, and adventure opportunities that Zimbabwe has to offer. By sharing his experiences through social media, McGinn is contributing to the marketing efforts to attract more tourists to this incredible destination.

Furthermore, McGinn’s visit is not an isolated event. It is anticipated that more players from Aston Villa will join him in Zimbabwe by the end of the week. This collective presence of English Premier League stars will undoubtedly generate significant attention and further bolster Zimbabwe’s appeal as a travel hotspot.

Zimbabwe has a rich history of attracting international entertainment and sporting icons to its shores. Notable figures like the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, have previously visited the iconic Victoria Falls. McGinn’s visit now adds to the list of influential individuals who have been drawn to the natural wonder and grandeur of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

As John McGinn continues his holiday adventure in Zimbabwe, he not only enjoys a well-deserved break but also helps raise awareness of the country’s tourism potential. His visit, along with that of his Aston Villa teammates, serves as a testament to the appeal and allure of Zimbabwe’s natural treasures, reinforcing the nation’s position as a must-visit destination for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences amidst stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife.- State Media