We Are Safeguarding Liberation War Values – Mnangagwa
30 June 2023
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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa has given credit to artisanal miners for playing a critical role in the country’s economic growth, contributing 60 percent to the mining sector’s total earnings.

Statistics reveal that the mining sector is the biggest contributor to the country’s gross domestic product and this Wednesday President Mnangagwa met over 6 000 Miners for Economic Development Conference in Gweru.

The President underscored the importance of achieving the US$12 billion mining industry targets.

“Before I speak about the mining issues let me update you on what has been happening. Last week I was in Ghana, we asked for money from the bank and we have been given the money. I got back from Ghana last night and I was told I had been invited here. I asked who are these people and I was told that of the US$12 billion from mining, 60% comes from small-scale mining, so I decided I will not sleep but come here. When the Second Republic came the mining sector was contributing US$2.8 billion and now it has risen to US$12 billion,” said the President.

President Mnangagwa also said the government is open to collaborating with artisanal miners to address their challenges, urging them to operate in an orderly manner.

“When there is a gold rush allow the community there to benefit. We are anxious as a government to work with you to address your challenges,” he said.

The platform was also an opportunity for the President to remind Zimbabweans that it is their responsibility to ensure the economic and industrial development of the country.

Artisanal miners present shared their concerns with the President and are confident the future of the sector can only be protected by the clear policies under the Second Republic.

“We want to assure you that sacrifices during the war are what we are here to safeguard, we are here to industrialise and create employment. However, the issue of Exclusive Prospecting Orders (EPOs) has closed avenues for our children from mining.

Some people are grabbing such EPOs for speculative purposes and we appeal for the termination of such EPOS for the children to work and contribute to the country’s economy,” said Mberengwa Miners for Economic Development- National Coordinator, Mr Sam Ncube.

The government says it is seized with the matter of people holding EPOs for speculative purposes.

“As a ministry, we have been receiving cases of people doing such practice. We are sitting down to review some of these EPOs, scrutinising them with some of the applications not passing the test and we are also looking at some of the licenses which will be cancelled soon if they do not match some of the provisions we are putting in place,” said the Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development, Honourable Polite Kambamura.

The ZANU PF leadership took the opportunity to urge the miners grouping to recruit more members and practice proper mining activities to preserve the country’s heritage.

“What we want is to see the country going forward. This can only happen if we mine and do our farming properly. We want to ensure that we do this for the benefit of generations to come.

All of you representing miners, I expect each one of you to bring at least 20 more people so that we defend the heritage we got from the almighty,” said ZANU PF Second Secretary and Vice President, Retired General Dr Constantino Chiwenga.

“I am told we now have a good number of affiliates registered with the party so far and that’s good news for the party. When I came here I witnessed several vehicles outside this place. This is a sign that your people are already benefiting from Vision 2030. You need to safeguard this vision for the good of your professions,” said ZANU PF National Chairperson, Cde Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri.

Miner’s for ED is part of the over 90 affiliates that have registered their operations with the ruling ZANU PF party using the ED acronym.-ZBC News