Focus On The Ball, Citizens Told
1 July 2023
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30 June 2023

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia urges fellow countrymen and women, boys and girls who subscribe to the national democratic revolution led by the organic leader Advocate Nelson Chamisa to focus on the minimum reforms necessary for free, fair, credible, and unfettered elections in Zimbabwe. Despite the hurdles exhibited by the candidate selection process which left some disgruntled, it’s now time to bury the hatchet and soldier on. At this juncture, our focus is the complete removal of ZANU-PF’s incompetent government.

Our dream is a functional and effective administration championed by dutiful and politically conscious social democrats who put citizens at the centre of governance. It is now imperative for all change seekers home and abroad to unite ahead of the historic watershed elections scheduled on the 23rd of August 2023. We demand a government with the capacity to put the economy on a sounder footing. Inhabitants are now sick of hyperinflation which has eroded their slave wages, workers in the motherland deserve living wages.

Namibia district encourages the Citizen’s Movement to exert pressure on the captured ZEC to release a verifiable voters roll now! We are quite cognizant to the fact that ZANU PF conniving with ZEC manipulates the roll to favour the incumbent unpopular and corrupt party. The voter’s roll must be audited well before the plebiscite. Let’s put political and diplomatic pressure on the regime to deliver minimum reforms before we participate in flawed elections.

The vibrant party should now recruit and thoroughly train loyal polling agents who are ready to defend the vote even with their blood. Courage is a permanent quality of a polling agent. We should make sure that we deploy polling agents at all polling stations across the tea-pot-shaped country. Zimbabweans have endured looting, corruption, bad governance, gross abuse of fundamental human rights, abject poverty, and a high unemployment rate for decades. It is now time to reason together as citizens so that we can remove ZANU-PF on the 23rd of August.

Strength of purpose should unite us now or never! What we desire is a quality health fraternity! Our craving is a sound education system with handsomely paid teachers and other educators! What we anticipate is a Zimbabwe that is free for all! We demand a democratic dispensation in the motherland on the 23rd of August. Change champions should continue reminding the populace to vote for jobs and better living conditions. The citizen’s movement is the only panacea to the socio-economic transfiguration in the fatherland. Unity! Unity! Unity! Unity! Is all that Zimbabweans need to win big and defend big! Let’s unite now change champions, this is a polite plea from social democrats in the Namibia district.

On another note, citizens should not forget to demand the immediate release of political prisoners such as Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, the ZINASU Six, Jacob Ngarivhume, and all prisoners of conscience. Job Sikhala has endured more than 365 days caged at Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison on concocted charges. We demand justice, freedom, and equality. Job Sikhala is innocent! This gross abuse of human rights is part of the intimidation and vote rigging ahead of the watershed elections in August. Sikhala is a source of inspiration for many change champions hence his perpetual incarceration is an attempt to deter them from speaking the truth to power.

In a nutshell, Zimbabweans must shelve self-interests for the betterment of all and sundry. After all, we can’t have everyone leading. In the future, we hope to perfect our internal processes. Pilot projects always come out with some flaws here and there. Let’s soldier on!





CCC Namibia Rundu Branch
Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya