Food Poisoning Outbreak: 10 Individuals Admitted to Murehwa Hospital
1 July 2023
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In a concerning incident, ten individuals were admitted to Murewa District Hospital on Wednesday due to suspected food poisoning. The victims, hailing from the Wuyuwuyu area, experienced stomach problems shortly after consuming vegetables that were suspected to have been sprayed with harmful chemicals. According to witnesses, the victims had gathered at a farmer’s homestead where they were employed to shell maize. Among those affected were the farmer’s wife and his three-year-old grandchild. Health workers have since visited the location to investigate the cause of the stomach aches.

Details of the Incident:
The unfortunate incident took place at a local farmer’s homestead where a group of individuals, totaling 16, were engaged in shelling maize. It is reported that the victims had breakfast consisting of tea and cowpeas before consuming a lunch of sadza (a staple food in Zimbabwe) with vegetables and chicken. Additionally, they drank mahewu, a traditional fermented maize drink.

Upon consuming the meal, several individuals started experiencing stomach discomfort, prompting concern among their peers. Out of the 16 people who had partaken in the meal, ten were subsequently admitted to Murewa District Hospital for medical attention. The remaining individuals were reportedly treated and discharged.

Investigation and Response:
In response to the incident, health workers swiftly visited the farmer’s homestead to investigate the source of the suspected food poisoning. Their primary objective is to identify the possible cause and prevent further outbreaks. A villager health worker has been assigned the task of compiling a comprehensive report detailing the events and circumstances surrounding the incident.

Unfortunately, attempts to contact Mashonaland East provincial medical director Paul Matsvimbo for comment have been unsuccessful, as his mobile phone remains unreachable. Nevertheless, the seriousness of the situation has caught the attention of local authorities and individuals within the community.

Noah Mangondo, a Zanu PF Murewa South parliamentary candidate, acknowledged the incident and expressed his concern. Mangondo has taken it upon himself to mobilize resources to assist in paying the medical bills for the affected villagers, demonstrating the community’s solidarity and support during this trying time.

The suspected food poisoning incident that occurred in the Wuyuwuyu area, resulting in the admission of ten individuals to Murewa District Hospital, has raised concerns within the community. As health workers continue their investigation, it is crucial to determine the cause of the poisoning to prevent similar incidents in the future. The support and assistance provided by individuals such as Noah Mangondo in paying the medical bills highlight the importance of community solidarity during such unfortunate events. Authorities should remain vigilant to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals, emphasizing the need for proper food handling and hygiene practices.