Mwonzora Blames Zimbabweans Says They Have Abandoned Him?
3 July 2023
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Econet Users Please Help Kutsvaga Number Ndedzani Idzo Dzaisa Dzati ndiMwonzora? True or False

There is a picture on WhatsApp App Chat which is trending on social media , the user says he is Mwonzora, he is believed to be talking to his luck charm father prophet Isaac Makomichi of Masvingo.

In the chat it seems like Mwonzora is offering Makomichi huge cash if he can even get at least 1% of the votes on 23 August. It’s also seems af if Mwonzora is no longer in good books with Makomichi due to failing to pay the previous charm’s full price

We contacted Makomichi but he denied the picture even though the screen shot is saying otherwise

“Ndasecha zita paEco cash,ndikazoinda pa Google, zita rabuda munhu wemuhofisi yadhagi, zvadhakwa izvo haachina kana munhu” said one guy.