President Chamisa Slams ZEC, Zanu PF Over Bid To Steal Polls
3 July 2023
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Tinashe Sambiri|The change chorus is spreading across the whole country at a rapid pace.

CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa was in Marondera at the weekend. He addressed thousands of enthusiastic citizens.

Writing on Twitter on Sunday President Chamisa saluted thousands of citizens for believing in real change.

“CHANGE IS IN THE AIR… I’m in rural and farming areas of Marondera meeting with communities.

The chorus for Change #ForEveryone is so loud! #Godisinit.”

“WE ARE DEALING WITH WICKEDNESS OF THE VILEST FORM..They are so desperate, running scared and resorting to shameless tactics.

CCC has no double candidates except those fictitious and fictional ones created by the scared ZPF.

This is just low and primitive @ZECzim why do tolerate this ZPF desperate behavior ??”