Jonso Screams Back At CCC Over Structures
6 July 2023
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Exiled Professor Jonathan Moyo Defends Stance on Constitutional Structures: “Not a Hypocrite,” He Asserts

By Dorrothy Moyo | ZimEye | The exiled former Information minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo, has responded to allegations of hypocrisy regarding his criticism of opposition leader Nelson Chamisa and his party, the Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) movement, while remaining silent on Saviour Kasukuwere’s independent bid for political office. Professor Moyo dismissed the accusation, labeling it “daft” and provided a detailed explanation of his position.

In his tweets, jonso as he is fondly called, was confronted with a pointed question, stating, “Jonso, you criticize Chamisa and CCC for not having a constitution and structures, but you’re silent on Saviour Kasukuwere, who has no constitution and no structures. You’re a hypocrite!”

In response, Professor Moyo explained screaming back, “That’s daft. If, like Chamisa, who has the CCC, Kasukuwere had a party, he would contest as a candidate of his party, not as an independent candidate, and his party would need a constitution and structures to be taken seriously.”

Elaborating further, Professor Moyo emphasized the importance of political parties having a solid framework to ensure effective governance, transparent decision-making processes, and accountability. He asserted that criticizing a political party’s lack of constitution and structures should not be equated with the decision of an individual to run as an independent candidate.

“It’s crucial to differentiate between an individual running independently and a political party lacking a constitution and structures,” Professor Moyo said. “When a candidate chooses to run independently, they are not representing any party, and their campaign is based solely on personal beliefs and principles. However, when a party fields a candidate, it implies the existence of a structured organization that is accountable to its members and operates within a defined constitutional framework.”

Moyo emphasized the need for political parties to have a clear vision, internal democracy, and the ability to mobilize support from the electorate. He suggested that the absence of such structures could undermine the credibility and effectiveness of a party’s electoral campaign.

The exiled former minister, known for his outspoken nature and critique of political matters, expressed disappointment in attempts to brand him as a hypocrite. He maintained that his criticism of Chamisa and CCC was rooted in his conviction that a political party must possess a constitution and organizational structures to effectively participate in democratic processes.

While some critics may view Professor Moyo’s response as an attempt to justify his selective criticism, others argue that his position reflects a consistent stance on the importance of institutional frameworks within political parties. Most however said Moyo has simply flipped back to his party, ZANU PF, at a time his colleagues Kasukuwere and Walter Mzembi are also bouncing back to the political frontline.