Police Block Chamisa Chivi Rally
6 July 2023
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By- Police in Masvingo have blocked the opposition CCC party from holding its Presidential Campaign Rally at Chivi Growth Point scheduled for Friday, 07 July 2023.

In a letter addressed to CCC, Officer Commanding Police, Masvingo West District, Chief Superintendent D. Maingire said the opposition party cannot hold its rally at the venue because Zanu PF had already booked it. Reads the letter in part:

  1. We acknowledge receipt of your notification dated 02 July 2020
  2. We also appreciate that your letter meets all the requirements and expectations.
  3. Let me take this opportunity to highlight that Chivi Growth Point ground was booked by ZANU PF and we are in receipt of that letter dated 01 July 2023.
  4. By changing your venue from Mhandamabwe to Chivi Growl Point, you ceded your rights to use Mhandomabwe your venue on the strength of this notification.
  5. Kindly be advised that permission has therefore not been granted.
  6. If you want to hold any rallies in the future at Mhandamatwe or Chi Growth Point you have to submit another notification.
    In the run-up to the by-elections held in March 2022, dozens of Chamisa and CCC’s campaign rallies were banned by the Police on the pretext that the party failed to comply with security requirements prescribed under section 8 of the Maintenance of Peace and Order Act (Chapter 11:23).
    On Wednesday, 05 July, CCC spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere accused ZANU PF of abusing the Police to disrupt its rallies.
    Posting on Twitter after CCC’s Presidential Campaign Rally was blocked by Police in Chiredzi, Mahere said the ban will not stop them from “winning the hearts and minds of Zimbabweans.”