ZBC Bans Winky D, Sponsors E-Creator Fraud Instead
6 July 2023
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Irony Unveiled: Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation Bans Winky D, Promotes Fraudulent Ponzi Scheme

By Dorrothy Moyo | ZimEye | The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), the country’s state-owned broadcaster, recently found itself embroiled in a scandal that has exposed a troubling irony. On one hand, the corporation banned the music of popular artist Winky D, claiming it was harmful, while on the other hand, it shamelessly promoted the fraudulent E-Creator ponzi scheme. This egregious misuse of rate payers’ money to generate advertisements for a criminal enterprise has resulted in the loss of millions of dollars from vulnerable individuals. As a wave of lawsuits looms, it is evident that ZBC’s actions have caused immense harm to the public, leaving them rightfully infuriated.

The Ban on Winky D:

Winky D, a highly regarded Zimbabwean musician, has been an influential figure in the country’s music industry for years. However, his music was suddenly deemed harmful by the ZBC, which justified the ban by citing reasons such as explicit content and inappropriate messaging. Many viewed this move as an attempt to stifle freedom of expression, especially considering that Winky D’s songs have often touched on social and political issues in a thought-provoking manner.

Promotion of the E-Creator Ponzi Scheme:

Simultaneously, the ZBC shockingly chose to allocate significant airtime and resources to promote the E-Creator ponzi scheme. This fraudulent scheme lured unsuspecting individuals by promising substantial returns on their investments. Sadly, these promises were nothing but an elaborate ruse, with countless people losing their hard-earned money to the con artists behind E-Creator.

The E-Creator ponzi scheme operated on the classic model of paying earlier investors with funds collected from new participants, leading to a vicious cycle that ultimately collapses. Despite warnings from financial experts and regulatory bodies, ZBC ignored the potential dangers and proceeded to broadcast advertisements that persuaded viewers to invest their money in this illegal operation.

The Impact on the Public:

The consequences of ZBC’s actions have been devastating for countless Zimbabweans. The ban on Winky D’s music stifled artistic expression and deprived the public of cultural enrichment. Meanwhile, the promotion of the E-Creator ponzi scheme facilitated the exploitation of vulnerable individuals, many of whom trusted the broadcaster to act in their best interests.

As news of the fraudulent nature of E-Creator began to emerge, disgruntled subscribers began organizing legal action against ZBC. One affected individual, reflecting the sentiments of many, exclaimed, “ZBC banned Winky D and at the same time hosted the criminal E Creator ponzi, they must be sued for this.” Such lawsuits serve as a stark reminder of the anger and frustration felt by those who fell victim to the scheme after being misled by the state broadcaster.


The irony surrounding ZBC’s decision to ban Winky D’s music while simultaneously promoting the E-Creator ponzi scheme is a striking testament to the corporation’s misplaced priorities and questionable ethical standards. The misuse of rate payers’ money to endorse a criminal enterprise has not only tarnished ZBC’s reputation but also caused significant financial and emotional harm to the public. As the legal repercussions mount, it is crucial for accountability to prevail, ensuring that such blatant disregard for the welfare of the citizens is not tolerated within Zimbabwe’s media landscape.