Banda Up For Maintenance
7 July 2023
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On Wednesday, the former Deputy Mayor of Bulawayo, Mr Gift Banda, found himself facing a court hearing due to allegations of failing to pay maintenance for his 13-year-old child, whom he fathered out of wedlock in a widely publicized love affair back in 2009.

Miss Kholiwe Sitshoni, Mr Banda’s former lover, took legal action and applied to the court in order to compel him to fulfill his obligations towards their child. It was revealed that Mr Banda had neglected to provide financial support for the past three years.

In her affidavit, Miss Sitshoni requested an upward adjustment in maintenance fees, seeking an increase from US$150 to US$300 per month. However, after negotiations between the two parties, a resolution was reached. Mr Banda agreed to cover all school-related expenses, while Miss Sitshoni would be responsible for transportation and clothing costs.

Both Mr Banda and Miss Sitshoni arrived at the Bulawayo magistrates’ courts, located in the Tredgold Building, early in the morning. However, due to the busy schedule, their case was only heard shortly before lunchtime. As part of the agreement, Mr Banda also pledged to settle the outstanding maintenance payments from the past three years.

In January 2014, a consent order issued by the Maintenance Court of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo stated that Mr Banda had previously consented to pay US$150 per month as maintenance for the child. The document also outlined his commitment to cover the child’s school fees until she completed her education, as well as any necessary transportation and medical expenses.

Within the same consent order, Mr Banda acknowledged his arrears and was instructed to clear them within six months from the date of the document’s issuance.

Since their private affairs were publicly exposed, Mr Banda and Miss Sitshoni have repeatedly resorted to legal action against each other regarding maintenance-related issues. In a previous instance in 2014, Mr Banda had accumulated arrears totaling US$2,400, which he was ordered to settle, and he duly complied with the court’s directive.-state media