Mthuli Rushes To Provide Free WIFI Days Before Cowdray’s Entangle With Him
8 July 2023
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Analyzing the Sincerity of Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s Free WIFI Initiative in Cowdray Park

By Farai D Hove | ANALYSIS | Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s sudden provision of free WIFI to Cowdray Park residents, just six weeks into the election campaign, has raised questions about the sincerity of his intentions. This article aims to critically analyze the situation, considering the context of the minister’s past actions and the motivations behind this recent development.

Past Economic Challenges

It is important to acknowledge that Mthuli Ncube’s tenure as Finance Minister has been marked by economic difficulties, with the country’s bank account reaching alarming levels. Zimbabwe has faced significant inflation, resulting in the erosion of citizens’ purchasing power and a decline in living standards. The dire financial situation has also impacted the healthcare system, where doctors have been paid meager salaries, exacerbating the country’s socio-economic challenges.

Timing and Political Motivations

The sudden provision of free WIFI to Cowdray Park residents, conveniently timed during the election campaign, raises suspicions about the Finance Minister’s motivations. It is crucial to question why such an initiative was not implemented earlier during his tenure. The timing suggests a political strategy aimed at winning favor with the electorate and potentially influencing their voting decisions.

Positive Testimonials and State Media Coverage

The state-owned Herald newspaper’s coverage, featuring testimonials from Mthuli Ncube’s employees dewcribed as neighbours in Cowdray Park, raises concerns about biased reporting. It is essential to critically evaluate the objectivity of the newspaper’s coverage, as it may be influenced by political agendas. The inclusion of positive testimonials may serve as a tool to create an illusion of widespread support and satisfaction with the Finance Minister’s actions.

Community Development Projects

While the provision of free WIFI is a positive development for Cowdray Park, it is crucial to consider it within the broader context of community development projects. The article highlights water supply improvements, road infrastructure enhancements, and youth initiatives. These projects may indeed have a positive impact on the community. However, it is important to assess whether they are driven by genuine concern for the residents or if they serve as a strategic move to secure electoral support.

Residency and Personal Connection

Mthuli Ncube’s decision to reside in Cowdray Park and personally engage with its residents is commendable. It indicates a willingness to understand their needs and implement solutions. However, this move should not overshadow the overall assessment of his sincerity and commitment to the constituency. It is crucial to determine if his residency and personal connection are long-term commitments or merely a temporary strategy during the election period.

Promoting Youth Engagement and Combating Substance Abuse

The Finance Minister’s emphasis on creating opportunities for youth engagement and addressing issues of substance abuse is a positive step. However, it is essential to evaluate the concrete actions taken and the long-term sustainability of these initiatives. Collaborations with relevant government departments and the establishment of drug rehabilitation centers are positive intentions, but their actual implementation and effectiveness need to be monitored closely.


While the provision of free WIFI and other community development projects in Cowdray Park is a positive step, skepticism remains regarding Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube’s sincerity and motivations. The timing of the initiative, coupled with the state-owned media’s biased coverage, raises concerns about political maneuvering. It is important for the residents of Cowdray Park to critically evaluate the long-term commitment and effectiveness of these initiatives beyond the election period. Transparent monitoring and evaluation mechanisms should be in place to ensure that promises are fulfilled and genuine development occurs in the constituency.