Voting For ED Is The Only Viable Option-Mavaza
8 July 2023
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza- As the August 23 elections draw nearer, Zimbabweans have high hopes it will be different this time.
While eleven presidential candidates are fighting for the sole ticket to the state house, only two candidates have established themselves as the frontrunners. The incumbent and hard-working President Mnangagwa, representing Zimbabwe’s leading and revolutionary ZANU-PF party, faced off against the overzealous Nelson Chamisa, leader of the CCC, an opposition outfit which has failed to produce a Constitution a month before the elections. The failure to practice democracy by CCC has raised serious questions on what will happen if, by a stroke of bad luck they win elections. Zimbabwe will kiss goodbye to democracy and the constitution.
The efforts of all Zimbabweans will be taken back to Stone Age, where voters will be asked to cure behind the selected candidate. Surely that will not be an option for Zimbabwe. This will leave Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa as the only viable option to take the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe position. One of the most significant positive aspects of Zimbabwe’s election is allowing Western observers to enter to monitor the elections but only reasonable observers. In previous elections, the main complaint was disorganization at some of the polls, where voters stood in long lines, and some waited up to six hours to cast their ballot. This time all locations, everything will run smoothly and on time. Thanks to the democratic gift gifted to ED. He fought for voting rights for all, and now he is honoured to participate in what he believes and fought for.

Zimbabweans of all ages are told lies by the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).
The opposition has blamed the economic downturn on ZANU PF.
Their campaign message has been that ZANU PF has fronted corrupt cadres and is destroying the future of the youth.
The youth are told they are not employed because ZANU PF has mishandled the economy. CCC is preaching the message of hate and hoping that Zimbabweans can be fooled.
The opposition, in particular Nelson Chamisa, has told his supporters at rallies that he will develop the country in three months if he is given a chance to govern Zimbabwe.
He told his supporters he would have white people rushing back to develop Zimbabwe’s economy.
Chamisa said this will only be possible if he is elected President of Zimbabwe. Nobody knows which fiction book he read.
The youth and Zimbabweans must accept reality: Our economy cannot be developed in three days.
We must realize that since the New Dispensation came into office, its most cherished wish and desire, for which President Mnangagwa and his team laboured with vigour and passion unceasingly, with firm determination, is to raise the standard of living for all Zimbabweans and create jobs.
This drives the President, who has set the country on a course of transformation into an upper middle-income economy by 2030.
This target is indeed a possibility and not fiction which is being sold to the electorate y CCC.
Every day, Zimbabweans see the works of ED coming to fruition with great satisfaction.
We must all realize that development is a process and can not be weaponized as a regime change weapon.
This can be seen through the work being undertaken by the New Dispensation.
We must be guided by the Chinese history of economic growth.
Chinese development was not an overnight event. And, like the Chinese, the President is saying as Zimbabweans, it is our duty to build our own nation.
Sanctions will not deter our resilience and fighting spirit.
Brick by brick, we are building Zimbabwe.
In his first term as the President, MNANGAGWA showered Zimbabwe with development, which can be seen. Zimbabwe built more dams in the first term of MNANGAGWA than built in 38 years.
People must not be fooled by the rhetoric coming from the CCC, whose promise is that the West will come with money and build our country. We can look to Libya and Iraq to see the great works of the West. That is what CHAMISA wishes for Zimbabwe.
This party has no plan and wants to take over with no clear ideas no constitution and only hoping that the West will come and repeat Libya on us.
We must be comforted by the fact that we are already food secure as a result of the dams that have or are being constructed and the ongoing empowerment of farmers.
Zimbabweans will demonstrate their hopes and enthusiasm at the polls. We must see all registered voters to show up and endorse Emerson Mnangagwa with such force which will shake the CCC in the political abyss. This high voter turnout will be another example of the positive aspects of Zimbabwe’s election, an indication of an educated and receptive electorate thanks to ED who opened the democratic space.
Unde MNANGAGWA Zimbabwe will preside over a relatively free and fair election. There are no signs of intimidation or bribery. The accusations of vote-rigging meant to trigger opposition supporters to take to the streets will not be tolerated.
President ED’s administration has introduced smart agriculture and has also given inputs and livestock to capable farmers to revamp the sector.
Clearly, Zimbabwe is under new management which is driving an aggressive economic recovery programme. Electricity has been restored and blackouts are now things of the past.
Economic recovery follows a period of recession.
Normally, during an economic recovery, gross domestic product (GDP) grows, incomes rise and unemployment falls as the economy rebounds.
Only this month, the civil service is employing thousands of teachers and nurses and several positions are being filled.
The army the police and prisons are recruiting and still recruiting.

The police and other security organizations have employed thousands of youths.
It must be understood that during an economic recovery, the economy undergoes a process of adaptation and adjustment to new conditions. This involves addressing the factors that triggered the recession in the first place and the adoption of new policies in response to the recession.
As a result, things were tough during the first two years of the new dispensation.
But it was only when things get tough that the tough gets going.
The labour, capital goods and other productive resources that were tied up in businesses that failed and went under during the recession are being re-employed in new activities as unemployed workers find new jobs and failed firms are bought up.
Recovery is an economy healing itself from damage, and it sets the stage for growth and expansion. Industries are being raised from the graves and the Zimbabwean Engine is now roaring. The driver must not be changed but allowed to steer the country to higher ground.

Expansion is the phase of the business cycle where the real gross domestic product (GDP) grows for two or more consecutive quarters, moving from a trough to a peak.
Expansion is typically accompanied by a rise in employment and consumer confidence.
This phase lasts, on average, for about four to five years, but can go up to more than a decade.  This is why ED must be allowed to see his work through. We do not change a winning team. Focusing on interest rates and capital expenditure can help investors determine where we are in the business cycle.
Zimbabwe has had only three years of changing everything ranging from the economy to education and at the same time maintaining law and order.
Remember, all this is being done under the regime of unlawful sanctions.
Zimbabweans must not be fooled.
Development is not miracle money; it is a process.
Whoever promises overnight change is lying.
Despite the issues, the incumbent Mnangagwa has managed to preside over unprecedented developments.
As President, Mnangagwa’s main focus has been on reviving the country’s devastated economy through much-needed reforms. By reestablishing relations with the international community, he reversed the isolationist attitudes. The ZANU PF government has reopened industries and is currently investing in organizations such as The Cold Storage Company to help boost production for the meat industry. these changes have created jobs for Zimbabweans. In the first term in office, ED has tackled rampant corruption and arresting several high-profile offenders, including those within his own cabinet. During a three-month amnesty period, he even encouraged corrupt officials to return money taken illegally and millions of dollars were repatriated home. Reducing corruption is necessary to improve life for Zimbabweans as well as to attract foreign businesses. For similar reasons, Mnangagwa has made trade deals with Belarus, China and Russia. A commission with a South African rail company will have the dual benefit of improving transportation and increasing investment. Mnangagwa has outlined many positive plans for the future of Zimbabwe. In the first term, he made good on his word, which has been another of the many positive aspects of Zimbabwe’s election.
Leading indicators such as the stock market, retail sales and the establishment of new businesses often become apparent ahead of an economic recovery.
During an economic recovery, central banks may enact monetary policies aimed at increasing the money supply and encouraging lending. Over the past three years, ZANU PF has successfully set the economy on the recovery stage.
President ED is a mature person and will not promise miracles, but he will ask you to gird your loins and fight.
Economic recovery is a war we must all fight. It is not fought by changing governments.  It is fought and won by supporting the government.
This is why we should vote for ZANU PF and continue with the great transformation of our country.
We must always remember that the process of recovery has ups and downs.
Zimbabweans need a mindset change and desist from looking to the West for help.
Zambia changed presidents, but there are no investors flocking into the country.
Tanzania changed presidents but there are no white men rushing in with wads of cash.
Chamisa’s promises are fake.
In fact, he does not understand the development that has been ushered in by ZANU PF.
He sees them as failures.
The coming elections should test our foresight as a nation.
As we make a decision on who to vote for, we must remember that President ED is Number One.
This is the time for the youth to learn the truth.  There will never be a miracle recovery.
ZANU PF has set the economy of the course to recovery.
If you want to be employed, allow President ED to finish what he started.
Vote ZANU PF and help Zimbabwe reclaim its bread-basket status.
Zimbabwe is the only country that we can call ours.
Iwe neni tine basa!