FAZ War: Zanu PF Candidate Threatens Local Pastor Over Chamisa
10 July 2023
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A recent incident in Chikomba Ward 21, Zimbabwe, has raised concerns over the alleged threat made by a Zanu PF candidate, Edunate Chungwa, towards a local Methodist Church in Zimbabwe (MCZ) pastor. The confrontation reportedly occurred after members of the church attended a rally organized by Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ), a group affiliated with Chungwa’s campaign. While the details surrounding the incident remain contentious, it is crucial to shed light on the situation and its potential implications for the community.

The Alleged Threat:
According to various sources, Edunate Chungwa, a Zanu PF candidate for Chikomba Ward 21, allegedly made threats against Reverend Hannington Mukandiwa of the MCZ. The incident reportedly unfolded at a rally held at Unyetu Business Centre, with the intention of rallying support for Chungwa’s campaign. Chungwa later denied any knowledge of Mukandiwa when questioned by The Mirror, a local publication. However, a member of the Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC), Abraham Mutomba, confirmed the incident.

Details of the Incident:
Abraham Mutomba, a CCC candidate for Ward 21 and a congregant of Reverend Mukandiwa, provided insights into the incident. He stated that Chungwa requested all MCZ members in attendance to stand up during the rally. However, only a few individuals stood up, which seemingly agitated Chungwa. Allegedly, he proceeded to accuse Reverend Mukandiwa of influencing his congregants not to attend his rallies. This led to an alleged threat, with Chungwa reportedly stating that he would physically assault Reverend Mukandiwa. Some members of FAZ, who were present at the rally, also claimed that the pastor was not registered within the ward and should face consequences.

Response from Involved Parties:
When approached by the media for comment, Reverend Hannington Mukandiwa declined to provide any statements. His decision to remain silent might be influenced by various factors, including concerns about personal safety or a desire to handle the matter internally within the church. However, Abraham Mutomba, the CCC candidate and a congregant of the church, confirmed the incident to The Mirror, highlighting the potential seriousness of the situation.

Implications and Importance of Addressing the Issue:
The alleged threat made by a political candidate towards a respected religious leader is a matter of great concern. It not only raises questions about the candidate’s conduct and the potential influence of politics on religious freedom but also highlights the need for a peaceful and respectful democratic process. Threats and acts of violence have no place in any election campaign and should be condemned by all parties involved.

Moreover, it is essential for local authorities, community leaders, and religious organizations to address this incident promptly and impartially. Ensuring the safety and well-being of religious leaders, regardless of their affiliations, is crucial for maintaining a peaceful and harmonious society. The incident also highlights the importance of promoting dialogue and understanding between political candidates, community leaders, and religious institutions to foster an environment of mutual respect and cooperation.

The alleged threat made by Zanu PF candidate Edunate Chungwa towards Reverend Hannington Mukandiwa, a pastor of the MCZ in Zimbabwe, is a matter that demands attention. While the details surrounding the incident remain contested, it is imperative for the relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and address the issue appropriately. Promoting a peaceful and respectful democratic process is vital for the well-being of the community and the preservation of religious freedom. Such incidents should serve as reminders that violence and intimidation have no place in politics, and all stakeholders must work together to create a society that values and upholds the principles of tolerance, respect, and inclusivity.- Agencies