Mnangagwa Vows To Deal With Economic “Saboteurs”
11 July 2023
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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa says he will name and shame economic saboteurs while urging citizens to always unite in developing their country.

The President, who was addressing thousands of ZANU PF supporters who attended the ruling party’s Mashonaland West provincial rally in Magunje this Saturday, gave a seven-day ultimatum to businesses hoarding goods and engaging in malpractices to sabotage the economy.

“There are some businesses that are fighting us, especially soon after we proclaimed dates for elections, prices started going up, and our Zimbabwean dollar was under attack, with the rate going up.

“This was done by those who wanted the people to turn against the Government. We sought to find out who these people are, but I am going to name them next week in Zaka. Today, I want to warn them by saying that I sent my people to them about two days ago, to tell them that what they are doing is not right. So, you have seven days to make corrections. On the seventh day, I am going to name and shame those that do not shape up. Those who are hoarding and those who are manipulating prices,” said President Mnangagwa.

The President said some businesses have already been sanctioned over such shenanigans, while the Government is also continuing to engage them.

“We strongly warned some of them that we would name and shame them, they then begged us not to expose them by saying that our ZANU PF people would not buy from them, they chose to pay some fines and agreed to change their ways. On Tuesday, we will hear more about some of these businesses,” he said.

“So, those who are hoarding and manipulating the economy, I say to you, this is Zimbabwe and it is for Zimbabweans, either you are with us or you are not with us. If you are with us, we will support you and give you the leeway to do business. But if you are not with us, business rako richaunyana (your business will crumble).”

The President donated 1 000 computers to schools in Mashonaland West, 65 000 packets of seeds which were distributed to people who attended the rally and urged ZANU PF supporters to vote for the ruling party on August 23.-ZBC News