Relief As FIFA Lifts Zim Ban
12 July 2023
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Zimbabwe’s suspension from international football lifted, FIFA appoints normalisation committee

“Under these circumstances, the Bureau of the Council decided on 10 July 2023 to lift the suspension on ZIFA with immediate effect and to appoint immediately a normalisation committee for ZIFA, pursuant to article 8 paragraph 2 of the FIFA Statutes. Its duties shall
encompass the following:
● To run the daily affairs of ZIFA
● To restructure the ZIFA administration
● To establish, with the help of FIFA, a collaboration agreement between the Ministry of Sport/the SRC and ZIFA, which will define the responsibilities and objectives of each party, including (but not exclusively) on the topic of sexual harassment
● To review the ZIFA Statutes and Electoral Code to ensure their compliance with the FIFA Statutes and requirements, and to ensure their adoption by the ZIFA Congress
● To act as an electoral committee in order to organise and conduct elections of a new ZIFA Board based on the newly aligned ZIFA Statutes and Electoral Code
● To ensure a proper financial handover to the new ZIFA Board-ZBC News