Right Approach To Mining Issues
15 July 2023
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1 treat mining like business

In business you invest with the aim of making profit long term and sustainable. Inorder to do that just make a small informal business by listing what you need with exact value don’t forget to include monitoring expenses identify a claim close to you or never invest . If you are still tempted to invest far increase scope of investment so that all you will be able to all final production activities month end .
2 nothing can replace your presence
Gold is a currency that can be used without any purification or processing and around Zimbabwe you find gold nuggets of 5points upto 10kg your absence means you won’t be able to see it or account for production done using your own money. Be there from day one study everything learn all risks and rewards.

Your kids , wife and relatives are not you they can steal from you infact most gold related theft or lack of accountability is orchestrated by related especially the son or daughter in most cases l have come across.

Besides stealing they usually unknowingly disturb or sabotage production in the name of relative. All gold production ends are guarded by mine owner , sponsors or investors and workers nothing is left to chance.

3 avoid overspending on monitoring
Avoid driving up and down to the mine in the name of monitoring because it’s useless and unnecessary unless you spend atleast 6hrs of day time at the mine use public transport and avoid hiring transport for transactions that don’t need a car .

If you want to use a car increase your investment scope to accommodate the car .when ever gold pays you handsomely remember they are dark days ahead plan wisely and create proper backup.

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