Student Teachers Accuse Lecturers Of Fleecing Them Money For Good Marks
15 July 2023
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Students at Madziwa Teachers College in Shamva have accused their lecturers of abusing the institution’s resources.

According to the students, their lecturers are also in the habit of fleecing them of their money in exchange for good marks.

“The college has seen a rise in new ‘business operations’ instead of premises for co-conducting lectures,” they said in their petition.

“Buying and selling by lecturing staff at the premises (lecture rooms area) where lectures are supposed to be conducted is becoming the order of the day.

“Students are left with no choice other than to capitulate and get their assignments printed by lecturers for a fee due to fear of reprisals and the threat of being made to fail examinations.”

The students also claimed that some lecturers were openly approaching them to do their assignments on their behalf for a fee.

Madziwa Teachers College principal Edward Phiri yesterday did not reply to questions sent to him.