Chitando Blasts Mutodi
18 July 2023
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CCC has nothing to gain by spreading a video purported to be ZanuPF Bikita South Candidate Energy Mutodi. Why should CCC engage in trival issues when they have a bigger task of winning big for everyone?The video has gone viral on social media.

Mutodi is of no value nor capacity to stop the struggle for A New Great Zimbabwe. Saka chishambwe chiri pamombe tochidiniko zvedu? We as CCC we know that the people of Zimbabwe are not concerned about a stupid individual called Mutodi but the oppressive system of ZanuPF.

Mutodi must know he created many enemies in ZanuPF. He was chased away from Goromonzi senyoka yapinda mumba. He created many enemies by rigging the ZanuPF primary elections.His enemies are after him.

CCC has no time in a stupid and mad man. Mutodi is a educated fool. Musuva wesadza ndiwo wakaridzora.

Mutodi knows that Bikita South is CCC that is the reason he fired live bullets to disperse Citizens at a rally at Baradzanwa . A holder of PhD engaged in primitive and barbaric politics like that?? Mutodi must never be voted for to represent people.

Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good for Citizens who want better change in Zimbabwe