Mnangagwa Gold Smuggler Lands Another Top Diplomatic Post
19 July 2023
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By- The tainted self-proclaimed prophet and Gold Mafia Kingpin, Uebert Angel, has landed the African Ambassadorial post.

Controversy Surrounding Uebert Angel’s Ambassadorial Appointment to the African Union

Zimbabwe’s Ambassador At Large’s recent appointment as the African Union’s Pan African Parliament Ambassador for Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs has been met with scepticism and raised eyebrows.

While Nehanda Radio reported the appointment, it is important to critically analyze the circumstances surrounding this decision and consider the controversy that has surrounded Angel’s previous ambassadorial position and his conduct as an envoy.

Questionable Previous Ambassadorial Appointment:
Uebert Angel’s first ambassadorial position in Zimbabwe, obtained in 2021, came under scrutiny when it was reported that he paid a substantial sum of USD 200,000 to Zimbabwe’s First Family to get the appointment passed after intervention through Emmerson Mnangagwa’s nephew, Tongai Mnangagwa, and the First Family’s twins.
Tongai Mnangagwa confirmed the development to ZimEye at the time just as the CIO (Central Intelligence Organisation) and Presidential staff members were at pains to stop the “president” from soiling himself with someone well known for money laundering and (per his own confessions) cash machine hacking. President Mnangagwa would soon regret the appointment when Angel leaked many high level money laundering operations that implicate many high profile Zimbabwe government persons who he would phone and allow undercover journalists to hear them speaking out loudly.
This revelation raises concerns about the transparency and legitimacy of the AU appointment process. All this casts doubt on the integrity of Angel’s ambassadorial role and raises questions about the motives behind his subsequent appointment to the African Union.
Lack of Performance and Criminal Accusations:
Since his appointment as Zimbabwe’s Ambassador At Large, there have been no notable achievements or tangible contributions attributed to Uebert Angel in his capacity as an ambassador. Additionally, serious issues particularly his involvement in illicit activities. The documentary “GoldMafia” revealed links between Angel and very clear money laundering operations. These accusations depict him as a member of a criminal network rather than an ambassador working towards the betterment of Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. He is filmed arranging to transport 1,2 bln dollars of dirty money to Zimbabwe.
Position as Ambassador at Large:
The title “Ambassador At Large” itself raises concerns. The term typically refers to an envoy who represents a country’s interests on specific issues. However, in this context, it seems to connote an individual granted excessive privileges and powers, possibly for personal gain. The absence of clear responsibilities and accountability raises further questions about the legitimacy and purpose of such a position.
Questionable Announcement and Confirmation:
The announcement of Uebert Angel’s appointment to the African Union’s Pan African Parliament Ambassador role has primarily been circulated through online media, with Nehanda Radio as the main source. The lack of official confirmation from the African Union itself adds to the uncertainty surrounding the legitimacy of this appointment. Given the controversies surrounding Angel’s previous ambassadorial position, it is crucial to exercise caution and await an official statement from the African Union regarding his appointment.
The appointment of Uebert Angel as the African Union’s Pan African Parliament Ambassador for Interfaith Dialogue and Humanitarian Affairs raises serious concerns. The allegations of a dubious payment for his previous ambassadorial position in Zimbabwe, the lack of performance in that role, and the criminal accusations against him suggest a troubling pattern. The position of Ambassador At Large and the absence of official confirmation regarding his African Union appointment add to the skepticism surrounding his credentials. Until more information is available and official statements are released, it is essential to approach this appointment with caution and uphold the principles of transparency, integrity, and accountability that should underpin such prestigious positions.