Latest on Kasukuwere Case Hearing
21 July 2023
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By A Correspondent- Independent presidential candidate Saviour Kasukuwere’s case where he is seeking the nullification of the High Court ruling that removed him from the ballot will now proceed after the Supreme Court ruled that the matter be heard on July 27.

Prior to the ruling by the Supreme Court, Kasukuwere had withdrawn his application that was challenging a motion by Lovedale Mangwana to have the matter of his candidature resolved urgently.

The court also ordered both Kasukuwere and Mangwana lawyers to submit their arguments on July 26.

“An order by consent was issued, you recall that Saviour Kasukuwere filed an appeal against the judgment of the High Court and Mangwana filed an urgent chamber application asking that the appeal be heard on an urgent basis,” Kasukuwere’s lawyer, Method Ndlovu said.

“We took instructions from our client who requested that we consent to that order being sought so we have agreed that the appeal will be heard on an urgent basis.”

Kasukuwere was recently blocked from contesting in the August 23 Presidential election by the High Court.

High Court judge Justice David Mangota nullified Kasukuwere’s nomination ruling that he should stop “masquerading as a candidate.”

This followed an application by Zanu-PF activist, Lovedale Mangwana who successfully argued that Kasukuwere had ceased to be a registered voter as he has been out of his constituency for over 18 consecutive months.

However, Kasukuwere was back on the ballot paper after his legal team successfully appealed the nullification of his nomination at the Supreme Court.

His appeal suspended the High Court order.

Kasukuwere’s case procession comes after United Zimbabwe Alliance leader Elizabeth Valerio was successfully added to the Presidential candidates list becoming the only woman to feature in this year’s presidential race