380 Unregistered Voters Apply For Postal Voting
24 July 2023
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HARARE – Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC), has discovered that out of the 18,013 postal voting applications received for August 23 elections, more than 380 are ineligible for voting, as they are not on the voters’ roll.

The commission is processing the applications for postal voting from members of the uniformed forces, and election officials who will be on duty on polling day.

“As soon as the verification exercise is complete, successful applicants will receive their requisite materials. The process has been partially hamstrung by nomination appeals, which are yet to be determined by the courts. These have a bearing on printing of ballot papers,” said ZEC chief elections officer, Utloile Silaigwana.

Elsewhere, ZEC has so far accredited over 300 local observers and journalists ahead of next month’s harmonised elections. Silaigwana said although no foreign observers have been so far been accredited, the process was still ongoing and to-date they have accredited 306 local observers and 85 local journalists.

The deadline for observer applications to ZEC is 18 August, four days before Election Day.

“No foreign observers have been accredited yet. As of 21 July 2023, the Commission had accredited 391 people broken down as 306 local observers and 85 local journalists. All observers must abide by the Code of Conduct for observers,” said Silaigwana.

Local observers are expected to pay a fee of US$10, observers from the rest of Africa US$100, those from foreign embassies in Zimbabwe US$300, and observers from any country outside Africa US$400.

For the media, local journalists pay US$10, Zimbabwean journalists accredited with the Zimbabwe Media Commission and working in Zimbabwe for foreign media houses will pay US$100, and media practitioners from Africa will be charged US$100.

Meanwhile, the printing of ballot papers that will be used during the August 23 harmonized elections has commenced but the process is being delayed by election-related cases that are currently before the courts.

Silaigwana said some of the cases have a bearing on the final list of candidates who will be on the ballot.