Chamisa Exposes Mnangagwa Election Rigging Plans
24 July 2023
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By-The leader of the opposition CCC Nelson Chamisa said his party had covered all loopholes used by Zanu PF to rig elections in the past.

Addressing thousands of CCC supporters at a campaign rally at Dulibadzimu Stadium in Beitbridge on Sunday, Chamisa said the opposition party should win the 23 August 2023 elections by a huge margin. He said:
When ED grabbed power from Mugabe, he was given two years to finish Mugabe’s term but nothing worked. I warned my brother (Mnangagwa) about the repercussions of grabbing power.
I told him what you have done, you have committed a crime in heaven and on earth. He grabbed another five years from me in 2018.
This time we know he is thinking of employing dirty tactics but all corners are covered because we know what he uses to steal elections.
We want to see when election results are being announced, the gap must be huge.
Chamisa castigated the ZANU PF-led government for bragging about implementing development projects that are not benefiting people. He said:
If they build a road, they come back to you and boast, yet it’s their duty. They even inflate the (cost). Look at Zimborders which has plunged people into suffering.
People living in Beitbridge depend on cross-border trade but they have been impoverished by high charges when using the upgraded border so who does it help?
So what development is that? My government will exempt locals or seek reversal of the deals which make people suffer.
The upgrading of the Beitbridge border cost a staggering US$300 million and the company that manages the facility levies charges of US$27, US$80 and US$200 for private cars, buses and heavy trucks, respectively.
This has resulted in regional travellers shunning Beitbridge for other routes while locals no longer drive to South Africa.
Chamisa also said most people in the country including civil servants, and the security sector want a new government.