ZAOGA Exposes Passion Java’s Fake Post-Ezekiel Guti Church Leadership Prophecy
24 July 2023
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By- Self-proclaimed prophet and Zanu PF apologist

Passion Java has been exposed for his fake post-Ezekiel Guti’ church leadership prophecy.

Born Panganayi Java, had predicted that the ZAOGA church would split following the death of its founder.

The widow of the late ZAOGA Forward In Faith, founder Eunor, Sartuday, announced that their son Joel was now the church’s new leader.

Eunor made this formally announced at the funeral of the Centurian in Harare.

Joe Guti, her eldest son, will take up the new role to lead the church, with two other apostles to assist him in carrying on his father’s legacy. In her announcement, she emphasized the importance of unity among the new leaders and the church. This announcement came following the arrival of Guti’s body in Harare. She said:

And you know he did not leave us, it’s organised, he organized everything…

Let’s see somebody says our Father is gone the church is going to die, the church is not going to die…. Let me say to each one of you, we all need to unite. We all need to love one another. In love everybody, with the love of Christ. The same love that was in our Father, the same love that he taught us and showed us…..

On July 5, 2023, the leader of the ZAOGA Forward in Faith (FIF) church passed away in South Africa, leading to discussions about succession. 

Guti’s body was transported back to Zimbabwe and received a warm welcome from the congregation upon arrival. Since the announcement of his passing, notable figures from various fields have come forward to pay their respects.

Despite the sombre mood of mourning, the church has made meticulous preparations to organise lavish celebrations that will honour and commemorate Guti’s remarkable life and enduring legacy. These festivities, scheduled to take place from August 3 to 6, are not limited to Harare alone and have been extended to welcome attendees from all corners of Zimbabwe and beyond.