ZANU PF Member Kidnapped by Own Party Colleagues Amidst Allegations of Multi-Million Dollar Looting
26 July 2023
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HARARE – By A Correspondent ! In a shocking turn of events, a ZANU PF member was reported kidnapped by fellow party members from a Housing Cooperation in Harare. The incident occurred shortly after a high-stakes meeting with Vice President Constantino Chiwenga, during which serious allegations of looting millions of dollars from the Nehanda Cooperative were discussed.

According to a reliable source who recounted the ordeal, the crisis began when Sithembiso Nyoni issued a letter urging the continuation of an audit into the operations of the Nehanda Cooperative. Tensions escalated when Andrew Marauka openly expressed his desire for Enisia Gutu and Simba Moyo to be excluded from the audit committee.

The situation further intensified as the leaders approached Omega Hungwe, and Mrs. Hungwe made a phone call to Vice President Chiwenga, resulting in a meeting at the Kingston of SMEs. However, the Vice President’s sudden departure to attend a rally seemed to hasten the proceedings.

Brigadier Mhonda was reportedly present during the meeting, where Mrs. Hungwe insisted that the audit of Nehanda Housing must be stopped. Astonishingly, it was agreed upon that her demand should be adhered to.

In a dramatic twist, yesterday, Enisia Gutu reportedly received a disturbing phone call from Gwauya, informing her that Mr. Simba Moyo had been kidnapped. The kidnappers were allegedly armed, and the vehicle they used lacked number plates.

According to Mr. Moyo, the captors, whom he estimated to be five in number, blindfolded him with a sack and drove him to an undisclosed location, all the while discussing the affairs of the Nehanda Housing Cooperation and making threats on his life. During his ordeal, he was subjected to physical abuse, resulting in injuries and the total stripping of his clothes into two, leaving him half naked.

It is alleged that Mrs. Hungwe might have communicated with the CIOs (Central Intelligence Organisation) to halt their operation, leading to Mr. Moyo’s eventual release. After being freed, he wandered into the mountainous area alone, seeking a way back home. Fortunately, he was found by some male individuals who rushed to his aid, discovering him in a state of distress and total-naked, bleeding from the beatings he endured.

Mr. Moyo was promptly taken to Parirenyatwa Hospital for medical treatment. Shockingly, he claimed that during his captivity, he was injected with what he suspects could be poison.

The incident at Nehanda Housing Cooperative revolves around the alleged looting of over USD12 million, a staggering amount that involves the Cooperative’s more than 5,000 residents. The situation has caused deep divisions within ZANU PF and has brought to light the urgent need for accountability and transparency in the party’s ranks.

Authorities are investigating the kidnapping and assault, with mounting pressure from the public and opposition parties to bring the culprits to justice and shed light on the corruption allegations. As the nation watches closely, the future of the Nehanda Housing Cooperative and the ZANU PF party remains uncertain amidst this grave controversy.

Efforts to get a comment from the Nehanda Housing Association committee were fruitless at the time of printing, as this is a developing story.