ZEC Says 12 CCC’s Byo Candidates Filed Papers Way Before 4pm
27 July 2023
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By Davis Laque | Anyone is free to criticize CCC’s operational mechanism, particularly the so called: “strategic ambiguity.”

However, willfully sustaining the narrative that CCC’s 12 Bulawayo candidates showed up at nomination court after 4 pm, when ZEC itself disputes this, is stretching it.

Continuing to parade a narrative that perpetuates an apparent travesty of justice doesn’t make anyone wise.

ZEC, the body responsible for candidates registration, makes it clear in its court submissions that the 12 CCC MPs were at court, on time, as required by law.

To then continue to argue otherwise, for the purpose of getting even with opponents, or appearing as someone who wants “leadership accountability,” is self-serving.

CCC is being victimized using a supposed illegality, which ZEC explains and disputes.

This is scandalous.

There’s also a narrative suggesting that in hindsight, CCC could’ve avoided this scandal by announcing & registering its candidates “days earlier.”

Any supposed hindsight that fails to recognize the catastrophe CCC avoided, by this approach, is both misinformed & misinforming.

In fact, from the systematic attack on MDC-A to the manner in which ZanuPF still pursues CCC, it only serves to vindicate CCC’s approach.

It’s understandable how idealists would feel otherwise.
However, conventional politics has no room for survival in a military dictatorship.

It’s unimaginable to think that a court of law would be persuaded to take away the right of thousands in 12 constituencies.

How does a voter feel aggrieved by a person’s candidature?
How does a person’s candidature infringe on someone’s rights as a voter?

This is not law!

At this point, it’s impossible to think we are headed for something that resembles an election.

We’ve hundreds of electoral court cases; VR is a total crime scene; ZanuPF wants to win urban seats uncontested; the main opposition can’t even hold rallies.

It’s hilariously sad.

Yet if there’s something to learn from in-between 2018 and today, it is that ZanuPF must be fought head-on.

Boycotting will only kill alternative politics as we’ve know it

Given 5 more years, Mnangagwa will completely tear off the constitution & totally paralyze the state.

ZanuPF under Mnangagwa has total disregard for the rule of law & the rights of dissenting voices.

This desperation to not be contested exposes their fears.

Succumbing to their desperation & scheming in the hope that we can reboot towards 2028 is misguided.

We must fight on.

If I could dare make a prediction, I would say CCC will eventually win the case.

Part of ZanuPF’s intention may be to immobilize candidates & leave opp voters disillusioned.

In reaction, CCC must intensify political mobilization
A political response may soon be due