West Group Security Boss Scoops Top Award
29 July 2023
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By Staff Reporter-WEST Group Security co-founder Mrs Joanna Sharpe has been named the diamond outstanding woman of the year at the Megafest Women’s Awards.

Mrs Sharpe won the award because of her fantastic philanthropy work and business acumen in the private security sector.

The awards ceremony, held Thursday night, ran under the theme ‘Appreciating Business, Honouring Leaders’.

Mrs Sharpe and business partner Dr Oliver Chibage co-founded West Group Security to provide employment to church members and the youth.

The company has now outgrown church employment and is now recruiting school leavers and experienced ex-servicemen.

The company employs over 500 people and is poised to grow into one of the finest private security companies offering a variety of services that include undercover operations, debt collection, escort duties, VIP protection, surveillance duties, reception and customer care, crowd control and dog patrols among a host of other customer specific requirements.

Outside the security business services business, Mrs Sharpe is well known for her philanthropy work.

Her works speak volumes of her unlimited benevolence.
She spends most of her time doing charity work attending to the needs of the underprivileged, orphans and widows.
She is assisting hundreds of children to get decent education and life opportunities.
Wife of acclaimed top-notch property mogul and award-winning businessman Ken Sharpe, Mrs Sharpe said: “Its usually my husband who is getting awards so I am overwhelmed by this recognition. This award will certainly push me to do more work for the less privileged. I am happy the little that we are doing is being noticed and rewarded”.

She said West Group Security was working on bringing on board the latest technologies in services that will endear the company with customers and be the leading provider of private security services.