5 Days Mourning for Ezekiel Guti Exclude Refunds for Stolen RBZ Money
1 August 2023
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Late Ezekiel Guti’s Legacy Celebrations Expose Shocking Allegations of Ritualistic Practices and Unsettling Financial Debts.

By Farai D Hove | Harare, Zimbabwe – The planned five-day celebrations to honor the legacy of the late founder of the Assemblies of God Africa Church, ZAOGA, Ezekiel Guti, have been embroiled in controversy; Notably, the events lined up for the late preacher’s remembrance suspiciously exclude any mention of an expected event to refund the significant sum of $116,000 owed to the Zimbabwean public. This amount was taken by Guti from the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe for the farm mechanisation scheme reserved for poor people, which he failed to repay.

The planned events, which include a body viewing, an all-night vigil, and a special day of worship, have sparked outrage among the Zimbabwean public, who are demanding answers and accountability for the financial misconduct allegedly committed by the late religious leader.

Adding to the already unsettling situation, a verified audio recording of one of Guti’s sermons has surfaced, revealing shocking claims of ritualistic practices involving the remains of deceased individuals. The recording alleges that Guti engaged in practices akin to those attributed to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, where supernatural powers were sought from the deceased.

According to the audio recording, Guti claimed to have visited the grave of John, the son of Zebedee, during his time in Asia Minor. Shockingly, he confessed to taking three stones from the grave and smuggling them back to Zimbabwe. These stones were placed in a shrine where Guti believed they would grant him the power to live up to the age of 100. The late preacher passionately proclaimed his determination to avoid death and continue proclaiming the works of the Lord.

The startling revelations have raised concerns among followers of ZAOGA FIF Church, as they stand in stark contrast to the teachings and principles commonly associated with the late church leader. ZAOGA FIF Church has long been known for its emphasis on faith, evangelism, and community engagement, making these allegations deeply unsettling and perplexing to its members.

Defenders of Guti have tried to justify his actions, citing biblical references to Elisha’s bones giving life to a dead person. However, experts and analysts argue that such personalized mythological interpretations do not constitute Biblical scripture instructions.

As the public grapples with these revelations, there is an urgent need for official responses from both the Guti family and ZAOGA FIF Church. The gravity of the accusations demands transparency and accountability from the religious institution and its leadership.

Furthermore, these revelations have sparked broader discussions about the accountability and integrity of religious leaders and the potential misuse of spiritual practices. The parallel allegations against President Mnangagwa underscore the importance of holding individuals in positions of power and influence to high ethical standards.

The authenticity of the audio recording has been verified, adding weight to the claims and prompting an even more urgent need for clarity and explanation from those implicated.

The legacy celebrations for Ezekiel Guti have taken an unexpected turn, leaving the public deeply unsettled and demanding answers to the financial misconduct allegations and the shocking claims of ritualistic practices. As the nation awaits official responses, there is a growing sense of urgency to address the implications of these deeply troubling revelations on both the church and the broader society.