Mnangagwa Runs To Putin For Protection: Speech
1 August 2023
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Below is Emmerson Mnangagwa’s speech in Nkayi:

Ndaziva nhasi kuti kuno ku Mat North musangano weZANU PF wakadzikama midzi.

Therefore on 23 August, everyone must go and vote.

Gwendo guno, tivhavarakasha, tigovasvasvanga.

Mat North is a vital and important part of our story as it was one of the key routes for our liberation fighters.

Today as the free people of this country, united as one people, we shall build, modernise, develop and improve the lives of our people at household level.

Our development philosophy is to build our country brick upon brick, stone, by stone towards the Zimbabwe we all want.

I am aware that our development is strained by sanctions imposed on our country, however, we have said we shall build our country using our own resources and thus our economy has become the fastest-growing economy in SADC for the past three years.

My friend Putin sends his greetings, our dear friend and Revolutionary partner.

He says to us, that Western countries in particular America have imposed sanctions on Russia and Zimbabwe, and we the victims of these sanctions should work together to fight these sanctions.

Can I advise the people of Zimbabwe, we have political parties in this country, individuals and groups who are funded to derail our goals but we are marching on.

Let’s focus on production from the household level to the national level, we must preach it, those who are lazy must not eat, in the book of Genesis, it says, those who do not work and are lazy must die.

Wherever there is water, the Ministry of Agriculture, under The Second Republic introduces irrigation schemes, Bulawayo Kraal Irrigation Scheme in Binga is doing well.
We have 35 000 villages in Zimbabwe so The Second Republic will ensure that every village has a solar-powered borehole in three years.

We have a programme where each village shall be converted into a company so that each village has an income at that level.

God loves Mat North a lot, we have coal, lithium, gold and gas and the list is endless.
Kamativi Mine has lithium and they are working on their processing plant which will be commissioned next year.

We are doing a lot of projects which are underway and if you give us another five years we will be able to finish building everything as it cannot all be done overnight.

The Gwayi-Shangani lake is 76% complete and various projects will be done when it is finished.

Mat North will never be the same again.

We used to have electricity problems, and meat rotting in fridges, but now we have electricity and there are no more complaints.

We have 600 megawatts of electricity being generated from Hwange Units 7 & 8 which I will soon commission on the 9th of August. Surely you will agree with me that load shedding is now foreign to us.

We the Republic of Zimbabwe are a friend to all and enemy to none.

I wish to congratulate our Chiefs here in Mat North for maintaining peace, culture and good behaviour.

Currently, our young generation is being affected by the use of drugs, we are calling on you our chiefs to fight drug abuse, the church also, kana vana vakadhakwa nemutoriro vano sticker, how do we leave the future of our country kuvanhu vakasticker.

Let us all reject violence, tribalism and hate speech.

We must mobilise all our friends to vote for ZANU PF as it is the only party with people at heart, revolutionary history and development-oriented.

Kana uchiona mumoyo mako mune CCC muka ubike doro nekuti midzimu inenge yakurasha.- ZBC News