CCC Apologizes To Electorate Over Candidate Selection Confusion
3 August 2023
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Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) vice-president Welshman Ncube has apologised to the electorate for disputes around issues of candidate selection in the party.

He said the Nelson Chamisa-led main opposition party and its supporters needed to work together to remove Zanu PF from power.

Ncube made the remarks while addressing party supporters at Sidzibe, Insiza cluster rally in Matabeleland South province recently.

CCC supporters in the Matabeleland region complained bitterly over the imposition of candidates they described as outsiders at the expense of locals.

The supporters complained about the sidelining of senior party leaders such as Ncube and co-vice-president Tendai Biti in major decision-making processes.

“Whatever might have angered you, I apologise. I apologise on my own behalf. I apologise on behalf of my president [Nelson] Chamisa. We will resolve this in future,” Ncube said.

He added that there was need to face Zanu PF in unity.

“Even if we fight as a family, when we reach a point of facing an enemy, we unite and charge at each other after chasing our enemy away. So I appeal to you that we forgive each other and work together,” he said.

“There is no need to worry over who you sent to represent us. Even though this year you wanted to send Dube, but he did not become a candidate, in the future you will send him as well.”