Exposing ZEC Shortcomings Before Polls
3 August 2023
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Team Pachedu thesis on attempt by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to rig the coming polls…

Source: Team Pachedu

Team Pachedu is tirelessly exposing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission( ZEC)

ZEC is saying that the Voters Roll and the Polling Stations are still preliminary and not yet final.

This unprofessionalism must not be tolerated given that we are only 21 days before elections.

ZEC must release the final voters roll.

ZEC has added 869 more polling stations.

On 2 July ZEC announced that there were a total of 11,501 polling stations.

Today, ZEC has published 12,370 polling stations.

More concerning, ZEC has refused to publish the polling station codes.

ZEC must release the new VR